Samstag, 1. September 2012

5th day ~ Meeting Makoto in Kobe

Wednesday, 15.08.

That day we wanted to exchange our Japan Rail Pass to visit Michis mail friend Makoto in Kobe.

My very exciting outfit that day XD: checked shirt and shorts from Tally Weijl, shoes off brand.

We felt like in Germany that day 'cause the Special Rapid was delayed and other trains cancelled because of heavy rain. Lots of greetings to Deutsche Bahn [German Railways].
But Makoto was so kind and waited for us over an hour.

After arriving at the station Sannomiya [Kobe] Makoto and we went first for lunch in a specialized Okonomiyaki restaurant.

Michi and Makoto
It was sooo delicious. We ordered 4 different tastes, beef, pork, octopus and shrimps. I never had such tasty Okonomiyaki like that!

Makoto is learning English and German and showed us his German lesson books. Really interesting.

After lunch Makoto wanted to play the guide and showed us a lot of his hometown. We started with the shopping street of Motomachi before we went to a small chinatown.

I never saw a chinatown before so it was a nice experience to visit one.

Also we walked to the harbour of Kobe, took a look at the Kobe tower and had a nice rest there for watching the ships.

Also we visited the Ikuta-jinja, a popular Shinto shrine, one of the oldest shrines in the country.

Makoto showed us to make a wish and I took the chance. First you have to put a 5 ¥ coin into the box in front of you. It's for the connection. Then ring the bell, clap your hands twice and make your wish.
It was interesting for me. I wanted to do this for a long time and thanks to Makoto now I know how to do.

After a long day we relaxed in the Excelsior Café near the station. We talked a little bit and I was able to smoke a few cigarettes before we had to say goodbye to Makoto.

nice view from the café
Makotos present: chocolate cookies, a wind bell and a fan. He gave everyone of us a bag with this inside. Very kind. Michi brought to him German beer ^^

Next day we had to leave Kyoto and going for first time to Nagoya by Shinkansen.

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