Dienstag, 16. Juli 2013

Summary of the last weeks

I'm totally busy at the moment 'cause we are on trouble at work and I'm totally out of time. I'm really looking forward to my free weekend.
So, like always, just a short summary of my last weeks.

So let's start with the last weekend. Lau and I wanted to visit the J/K FM, a small but lovely event for friends of Korean and Japanese culture with styling contest, music, bring & buy.
It was held last Sunday. Usually I'm too lazy on Sunday for such events, I just hang around and watch The A-Team but Lau persuaded me and I was thankful.

I tried my Liz Lisa onepiece for the first time. I was sure that it doesn't suit me well and I wanted to sell it but I have to say that I really liked it and I guess I will keep it now ^^

Also I'm more blonde right now but I'm thinking about to dye my hair light brown...I'm not sure if it will suit me well so I dunno what to do *sigh*... maybe I will look much more older o__O

At the J/K FM weren't a lot of people 'cause I guess they are all in holidays right now but it was a nice and chilled athmosphere there and we met some friends there to talk.

Cute Hani was the cooking queen. She made some delicious dishes and cocktails for the visitors.

Also we met awesome A-chan. We talked about the last Japan journey and made some new plans to go together to Japan next year with Tama and A-chan ha ha...
The picture is taken from A-chans Facebook.

enthusiastic Lau
Also we had the chance to buy some older magazines for a cheaper price at the neo tokyo stand so I bought a Popteen issue. I wish I had bought the Men's Knuckle ha ha

At the nice decorated photo corner we made some pictures. All in all it was a nice afternoon and I guess I will visit one of the next J/K FM again.

The weekends before I met with Lau for shopping at our good, old Ring Center. I was looking for some bargains and maybe new cosplay stuff.

We had a lot of fun, like always, at the H&M changing room and tried a lot of clothes. I was looking for an ugly onepiece because a friend and I had the idea to cosplay Junko and Yutako, the girly versions of our favourite Golden Bomber member Kyan Yutaka and Utahiroba Jun.

I was inspired by that picture of the cute 'girls' and Yutako always wears some dresses like that in different colours so I found an ugly onepiece and Lau and I tried it on just for fun but without buying.

Oh dear, ugly like hell but so the chance will be near that it will be cheaper and they will reduce it *LOL*

But I also found some nice stuff:

I wanted to have such a knit a looong time and Lau created an outfit with that cute onepiece...she's my stylist YEAH xD

Also I bought a fitting nude coloured bag and two pair of sandals. Now I'm prepared for summer and my next trip to Japan in two weeks.

But at the moment I'm just working, working, working... sometimes 13 hours a day and I'm really tired but after work for relaxing I discovered an old game for PS 2 again:

I started to play Final Fantasy XII again. I know, nobody likes that but it's my favourite part of the Final Fantasy series. I like the characters a lot, especially Vaan, he's a cutie ^^

That's all for the moment I guess... nothing special, I know but I guess next weeks will be much more exciting.
Next weekend I will go to Cottbus with some friends and  in two weeks I will go to Japan again...

I can't await to see Golden Bomber live on stage. That keeps me alive at the moment and I will blog about the live for sure!