Sonntag, 31. Mai 2015

F#ck the past f#ck the future ~ MUCC live in Berlin


Last weekend the japanese rock band MUCC was in town. I was happy for Aiko 'cause beside lynch. it's one of her favorite bands and so she had the chance to see MUCC live during her stay in Germany.
I organized VIP tickets for us so Aiko was very excited on day X.

I had first world problems that day 'cause I didn't know what to wear. I found one evening before a picture on Facebook of the band at the VIP event and I recognized that all member were wearing black so I cancelled my first ideas and decided for white ^^

blouse: New Yorker
skirt: Garula
belt: selfmade

I wanted to wear a plain and simple outfit but I made it some kind of rokku with a lot of accessories like the Glavil cross and choker and a studded belt which I did by myself a few hours before I left my flat xD

By the way, when I first tested my lenses called EOS New Adult Gray I was a little bit uncertained if they suit me well 'cause the whole last year I wore brown lenses but now I really like them and at the live a girl asked me what kind of lenses I wear 'cause they look great!
So I guess, they're alright, ha ha ...

Aiko and I met in the afternoon and went together to the C-Club at Columbiadamm. I have never been there before but I was proud of myself that I took the right exit at the station.

I front of the club were a lot of black wearing people so we knew that we were right *lol*. Because we had some time left we decided to take a coffee and a cake around the corner but in the end it was a really fast snack and we went back to the location.

After some minutes we waited in a row for the VIP entry. It was around 45 minutes before the official open and I was getting nervous.
I had no idea how it works. The only VIP events I participated was at An Café lives last year.

We took place in some kind of beer garden (unfortunately without a cold beer) and it was a chilled atmosphere there.
I was surprised how many people got VIP tickets. While smoking we talked with some fans.

After a short time we were able to enter the club. I was confused but I went directly to the stage for the first row. Other fans were going for the merchandise.
A fan told us that the meet and greet with the band will be after the live. Aiko and I were starring at each other and thought NOOOO! We will look like shit after headbanging and sweating >.<
But we couldn't await the live!

I couldn't believe it but to see and feel MUCC live was just awesome! We were in front of Yukke, the bassist. Sometimes he changed the side with guitarist Miya. Most magnetic charisma got Tatsuro, voka-ru of MUCC.
All four member were so energetic on stage and they were playing great rock music! I was really impressed and I really have to say that it was one of the best lives I ever went!
All member tried to speak some German words like 'Ihr seid geil!', 'Ich bin ein Berliner!' or Satochi told something like 'Deutsches Wasser ist gut für meine Haut!' WTF? *lol*

Before MUCC started with the encore there was a fan marriage proposal on stage. It was cute and the guys really liked it. Yukke was deeply moved xD


01. The End of the World
02. Suiren
03. Ender Ender
04. D.f.D. ~ Dreamer from Darkness
05. G.G.
06. WateR
07. 369 -Miroku-
08. Ageha
09. Ms. Fear
10. Tell me
11. Pure Black
12. Kyouran Kyoshou -21st Century Baby-
13. Nirvana
14. Fuzz
15. Hallelujah
16. Houkou
17. Mr. Liar

~ Encore ~ 

18. Marry you
19. Ranchuu
20. Mad Yack
21. Tonight

Aiko was a lucky girl 'cause she got a pick from Yukke. I dindn't get anything *sigh* but all my hopes will be in Niigata for this year's Golden Bomber live! I ordered tickets via fanclub so maybe we will have better seats near the stage and I want a pick from Yutaka so bad!

After the live we waited again in the beer garden while MUCC were taking a shower I guess. Then the VIP event started with getting some merchandise.

We got a laminated VIP pass, a signed poster and a photo pamphlet. After some kind words of the band each fan was able to take a picture with all member and the chance to get another signature on an item.
Sometimes I was shocked while watching the scene 'cause some bulky chicks grabbed the guys and hugged them all. Poor guys!
As it was my turn to take the picture Yukke started to shake my hands and also after him the three other guys. While they were signing my photo pamphlet I told the band '今日はありがとう。' and Tatsuro answered in German 'Dankeschön!'.
I really like the guys! 

Without Aiko I hadn't participated at VIP event but honestly it was nice to meet the member, they all were really nice and kind. 
All in all it was a special day. The live was overwhelming and meeting the band was a nice conclusion. The day after my neck hurts like hell but it was worth it!

I really have to thank Aiko. Just because of her I went to the live and now I have another band I really really adore!