Montag, 28. Juli 2014

DoKoMi weekend

It's been a long time since I updated my blog. I've got a lot of things to write about like some meet ups, photo shoots, new gets and hell, a lot of pictures about my last journey to Japan
But at the moment I don't have any motivation 'cause of work and bad mood. Michi had to cancel our next trip to Japan so I feel very empty *sigh*... 
But for now I wanted to show you some pics of anime and manga convention DoKoMi in Duesseldorf some weeks ago ^^ 

On Saturday I really did some kind of cosplay after a long time together with Michi. As you know, I'm the biggest Golden Bomber fan all over the world so we did the outfits of the Chéng lóng hěn kù PV.

It was Michi's idea while we were in Tokyo in April and tried to learn the dance. So Michi digivolved to Kenji and I tried to look as good as Yutaka...of course without success, ha ha...

original: sexiest man alive...
... and myself as a bad copy, ha ha
Even we didn't have a complete band it was sooo funny and I love that PV! It's a parody of 'Drunken Master', a movie with Jackie Chan.

Lau and Sato cosplayed some characters from Sket Dance and they looked just awesome, like always.
Since a few years I'm not watching anime or read manga anymore so I'm not really up to date and honestly not interested so I didn't noticed a lot of the cosplays there at DoKoMi >.<°

In the evening we changed clothes and after a shower at Michi's place we went back to the city 'cause it was Sato-chan's birthday and we wanted to have dinner at Japanese restaurant.

My outfit: jumper [New Yorker] and belt [d.i.a.]. It was still freaking hot and humid so it felt a little bit like we were in Japan, ha ha...

Lau, Michi and I
We took a place at Café Relax, had nice dishes, a few drinks and talked while relaxing and enjoying the athmosphere there.

big big love: iced Asahi BEER
On Sunday Michi, Sato, Lau and I went to DoKomi again but this time without cosplay. It was the first (and also last xD) time I tried out a Manba outfit / look:

Because I really really love Gachapin, the cute dinosaur from children's program of Fuji TV, I had the idea to combine Manba and Gachapin together...somehow...

Gachapin is usually accompanied by his friend Mukku, a red Yeti, so I was glad that Lau liked the idea, too and we did this outfit together.

It was really cool and I always wanted to try out Manba but without Lau it won't be possible. She sewed my whole Gachapin outfit (and, of course, her own Mukku outfit) and also she did my make up.
She's just amazing, isn't she? A big big thanks to her!

Even it was great and really cool I dind't feel well with Manba make up and when I was looking in a mirror it was just...creepy, ha ha...

The next day (Monday) was our last day in Duesseldorf. We decided to have Japanese lunch at Ramen bar before our flight went back to Berlin.

Simple outfit that day: d.i.a. belt and shorts and my good, old An Café tour shirt...
Unfortunately I don't have more pictures of that day but we had a nice afternoon before Michi took Lau and me to the airport.
It was really a great weekend so thank you, gurlz!