Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

From October until now...


I dunno why I'm still blogging 'cause I got the feeling that blogging is old-schooled. Everybody is sharing the life via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but honestly: I just blog for myself!
Even I'm too lazy sometimes, ha ha...

Today I want to share some outfits, thoughts and what I've done the last three months ^^

dungarees: Tally Weijl
blouse: Liz Lisa
cardigan: off brand

shorts: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a.
shirt: Juriano Jurrie (Shibuya 109)
t-shirt: Tamiya Plastic Model Inc.

shorts: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a.
top: Garula
pullover: Garula

End of October the Anime and Manga convention AniMaCo was held in Berlin. I don't do cosplay anymore and I had to work that weekend but I met with Hani after our work and we went there to meet our friends and also to watch the live of the japanese band Universe.

Beside other songs they also performed 'Echoes', their most popular song known from the ending of the Anime Bleach.
Seriously ... I never heard of them *lol* but I enjoyed the concert feeling with Kukki in the first row and they were all very cute!

After the live I asked charming guy Kazuya for a picture. He's the bassist of Universe and in my opinion the most enthusiastic of the guys...and also very nice ^^

skirt: Garula
blouse: Garula
cardigan: Garula

At the first weekend of November our Mojito Circle had a meet up and we all wanted to go to Cottbus 'cause our lovely Senja is living there. That was my outfit of the day.

Our circle was complete and we had a really funny day. If you want to read the whole post: Mojitos first official meet-up.
We went shopping, eating, did a lot of pictures and also some kind of street snaps.

I really like our street snaps, the other girls looked gorgeous. I hope we can keep the monthly street snaps alive but we missed one in December >.<

It was a great day and I love all of the gurlz! Btw, if you want to follow our Facebook: Mojito Gyarusa.

shorts: d.i.a.
hoodie: Comme des Fuckdown
scarf: Colloseum

In November I met a few times with my new friend Aiko-chan. She's a student here in Berlin for one year and she's missing her home country a lot. That's why we went a lot to cafés and restaurants in japanese style.

Best Okonomiyaki you find beyond the border of Japan: Hanage in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It's delicious like hell!

Just around the corner of Hanage restaurant we have Crepes in japanese style at Crepestation. Beside we have in Berlin japanese restaurants, cafés and also a Purikura machine...why going to Japan? *LOL*

At the moment Aiko-chan is in Tokyo but will come back in January. I can't await to tell her that one of her favorite bands will come to Berlin in May: MUCC!

I got some greetings from Japan as well. I didn't order clothes or something like that BUT:

I got this HUGE letter with just one small card but I was happy to receive it 'cause it's the member card of International Euclid Fanclub. So now I get faster, more and better informations 'bout my favorite band Golden Bomber and also can order stuff and tickets.

And my second package from Japan: the DVD of Golden Bomber live tour 2014 where I was in September *O*
My friend Aya-chan sent it to me as a present and I'm totally happy. But I haven't watched it yet, I'm waiting for Michi who will visit me in a few days so we will watch it together ^^

In the beginning of December I went to Cottbus to visit Senja. She's the best hair dresser ever...ever...EVER and dyed my hair from brown back to blonde.
We had a nice day with eating Schnitzel and went to Christmas Market for drinking some glogg. And I can't tell how happy I am that I'm blonde again ^^

It's a natural blonde with some brown lowlights. We also wanted to do some pink strands but somehow that didn't work. Maybe next time.

shorts: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a.
shirt: d.i.a.

At the moment it's freaking cold in Berlin and the year almost is over. I'm looking forward to New Year's party with my friends and the International Gyaru Meet in January.

I'm a little bit nervous but for me it's something special 'cause our whole circle will participate. So at the moment I think about what to wear etc.
Luckily I got new lenses and I will test them at the event for first time.

I wanted to have beside my brown lenses some lighter ones and I decided for EOS New Adult Gray. Next I want to order some dark blue / violet for astigmatism 'cause it would be great to see something xD
But it's sooo expensive >.<

And last but not least: I bought the new Pokémon game which is a remake from 2003. I loved the old edition but to me it's not that exciting like X Y.
You can't create your character by yourself but it's funny 'cause I was addicted to that game 10 years ago ^^
Do you play Pokémon, too?

bye bye!