Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Kaoru-chan in Berlin

Long time no see and I wish I could be more enthusiastic to update my blog but maybe next time 'cause my dad wanted to buy a new camera and I will get his reflex camera. It's only a few month and like new.

But now I would like to tell about Kaoru-chans visit. Kaoru-chan is a friend who lives in Tokyo. She was in Germany for holidays and wanted to stop by at 5th and 6th December at my place. So I got 2 free days for that time.

I catched a cold but I tried to look not that ill when I wanted to pick up Kaoru-chan at the airport.

It snowed for the first time in Berlin so it was a little bit white outside and freaking cold at that day but weather was nice.

When we arrived at my flat Kaoru gave me my presents what I wanted to have: new egg issue and boxes of japanese cigarettes 'cause the taste is different than in Germany so I really like the japanese ones.

And also that crazy girl gave me another presents xD Kaoru-chan knows that I love Ma*rs really much and I prohibited her specifically to buy some clothes as present for me 'cause it's too expensive but Kaoru-chan can't resist and bought that mini-towel, tights and black overknees with lace for me. I love her Q__Q

After a short break we met with Laura at Alexanderplatz and took a short look at Christmas Market there before we met with my and Lauras friends Baha and Bathsi for having dinner at Japanese restaurant Makoto.

Kaoru-chan was a little bit sick 'cause of the heavy german food so I was glad that she wanted to eat japanese food that day and so I had the chance to eat japanese, too.

I had Omusoba, so it was delicious Yakisoba wrapped in an omelet. Can't await to eat that again, it was sooo oishii *O*

By the way, the waiter was kind of funny. Kaoru-chan said that he had a strong Kansai-dialect xD
It was funny, we were in Germany but Kaoru-chan ordered everything in Japanese and I felt like in August in Tokyo xD

Next day Kaoru-chan wanted to see some typical buildings from my hometown Berlin so we did some kind of small tourist tour. I felt so bad that day 'cause of my cold >.<

So we went to Brandenburger Tor, Reichstag and visited also the Dome of Berlin. But it was sooo cold and it started to snow like hell!

After our tourist tour we wanted to go shopping so we went to center Alexa near Alexanderplatz. Kaoru-chan told me afterwards: 'Yeah, now I understand why you buy cute clothes only in Japan!'
We haven't bought anything. But Kaoru-chan pillaged a supermarket and bought a lot of german sweets and other eatable things.

For a break we went to Bubble Tea bar. So Kaoru-chan got her first bubble tea in life xD She had mango with mango bubbles and I kiwi with strawberry bubbles. It was such a refreshment.

In the evening we had a lot of fun at my place. Next day I brought her to the airport express bus and we had to say goodbye. I really miss her, she's so cute, so funny and open minded but we will meet again in April when I will be in Tokyo.