Sonntag, 29. September 2013

4th day ~ Harajuku and Izakaya


I would like to continue with the last days of my short trip to Japan 'cause there were so many events last weeks like circle meet up or Connichi that I cannot blog about >.< so let's hurry!
Also I'm planning my next journey. I will go in April for three weeks with Michi again and we also want to stay in Osaka... I'm very excited! But now... Tokyo, Sunday, 4th of August...

Even we planned to visit Harajuku I dressed up in Liz Lisa 'cause I wanted to. First I was thinking about my new Ma*rs stuff but then I decided for good, old, comfy Liz Lisa xD

It was like coming home when I ordered my breakfast at Tully's: Honey Milk Latte and Ham Toast. And I was VERY surprised that one of the girls working there really recognized me after four month! She's so cute!

After that great breakfast we met Kaoru at Harajuku Station. She wanted to have a look at Kinji Used Clothing and I should guide her!
But first we went down Takeshita Dori and had a look at different shops.

Kirschu bought a looot of stuff at 'MINT NeKO', a label Golden Bomber's bassist Junjun had a collaboration with. The shop was located at Laforet and it was really interesting even it was so fucking expensive!

I wanted to buy a shirt but I can't decide, so in the end I bought nothing Q___Q That brand is great to create some Rokku styles and I guess, that I will have a look there again next year.

For lunch we went to a fast food restaurant which offered pasta. I had something with shrimps and it was tasty but kind of strange to eat something like that in Japan *lol*...but I knew that I would get my beloved Yakisoba in the evening so it was okay to me.

When I found Kinji Used Clothing without a mistake I was really proud of myself! You know, my sense of direction isn't the best but after a few times in Tokyo I got it! やった!
It's a huge shop which is selling second hand clothes and if you have enough time and patience you can also find some gyaru stuff and brands like Igni, Liz Lisa, La Pafait and others.

After some time Kaoru-chan and I seperated from Kirschu who wanted to stay a little bit longer in Harajuku and so we ended up in...

...Shibuya, of course! So we went again to 1o9 but didn't bought anything...just strolled through the shops and chatted a lot until we met again Kirschu in front of 1o9 'cause we wanted to go for dinner to Izakaya together.

Kirschu was so kind to buy me some pictures of Kyan Yutaka, my cutie of Golden Bomber, I wanted to have. Also she tried to get a key chain of him out of the gacha machine and YESSS! she was a lucky girl and got Yutaka for me! Thank you sooo much!

In the early evening we went to Shinjuku 'cause Kaoru-chan made a reservation for an Izakaya there. Also Yosuke-kun wanted to join and it was nice to meet him again.

We ordered the obligatory starters like Edamame and Tamagoyaki and, of course, had nice cool BEER!

Yosuke-kun also ordered Sashimi and Kirschu and I tried. It was okay and not that awful I expected but not my cup of tea so I ordered my Yakisoba and became happy xD
It was a nice evening and I really enjoyed the athmosphere there.

Kaoru-chan and Yosuke-kun
After a few hours we had to leave but it's some kind of tradition that we go to a Game Center after such a meet for doing purikura *lol*

the Game Center
Then we said goodbye to Yosuke-kun. I really like him, he's so kind and a good guy. Hope to see him again next time.

Shinjuku at night
For the next day Kirschu and I had the plan to go to Odaiba...and we did but... with funny German companion xD

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

3rd day ~ shopping with Kaoru-chan

On Saturday I woke up with a good feeling 'cause I knew this would be a very good day. We had to leave our first hotel and had to move 'cause coolJapan inc. only booked that place for two nights.
So we changed places and I was happy to move to my beloved Shiba Park Hotel at Hamamatsu-cho station.

I prepared myself and wore my d.i.a. outfit. After moving I wanted to meet my friend Kaoru-chan for shopping, Kirschu also had an appointment with her friend from U.S. who lives in Tokyo.

I brought a lot of chocolate from Germany for Kaoru-chan and her German boyfriend. She's addicted to that stuff and it was sooo many chocolate that the whole fridge was filled ha ha...

After I brought Kirschu to the station Kaoru-chan picked me up at my hotel and I was sooo happy to see her after three months again. She was happy about my chocolate but I also got gifts: her boyfriend bought new egg magazine for me and I got a Liz Lisa skirt from her >///<

First Kaoru-chan and I went for something to eat 'cause I was starving! Around the corner was a nice, small restaurant where we ate some Soba with Tempura. Very delicious!
Then we left for going to Shibuya. And I really missed it! Of course we went to 1o9 and, of course, I bought something at Ma*rs shop.

I found a cute skirt with a removeable ribbon and also I bought a blouse while Kaoru-chan found a cute top at d.i.a. store. I also took a look at d.i.a. 'cause I had to buy something for poor Lau who was left in Berlin but I didn't find anything. That pissed me off!

At SBY I wanted to have new lashes of my favourite ones and I was happy when I got them. My lashes that I wore were the last ones I had and not in a very good condition.

Aaah, I really love Shibuya. Even it's so lifely I feel peaceful and calm around that place. Kaoru-chan and I took a short rest at Excelsior Café and then we decided to make purikura. But we both got a very bad sense of direction and had to search a while for the game center ha ha...

After two rounds we had enough! I'm not that big fan of purikura but it's a lovely memory of a really nice day.

For dinner we went to an Izakaya. I missed the athmosphere so bad and also the food but I wasn't that hungry so we only ordered some starters.

Edamame and Tamagoyaki, also some chicken and other small things. And BEER! In August it's so damn hot and humid in Tokyo that nothing is better than a cooled beer.

So we chatted about girls stuff and planned the next day. On Sunday Kaoru-chan was also off from work and we wanted to spend the rare time together.

Really weird picture, ha ha... I had a great day with her, she's sooo cute and I'm happy that I can talk with her about everything.

So, for the next day we decided to go to Harajuku with Kirschu...

Montag, 16. September 2013

2nd day ~ Golden Bomber live at Nippon Budokan


Friday the 2nd August was really one of the best days of my life 'cause that day I knew when I woke up that I will see my beloved Golden Bomber live in concert and I was so excited!
So Kirschu and I just took some stuff from Family Mart to our hotel room for breakfast and took a lot of time to prepare ourself.

Our room was sooo messy, everywhere extensions, lashes, make up things and clothes. First I wanted to create a cool outfit matched to Kyan Yutaka, my favourite cutie of the band but two nights before I left Germany I got the spontanious idea to dress up in Memeshikute K-Pop outfit...only God knows, why xD

So I took the clothes and also some items like the melon bag, I had Gachapin toenails and also a really cute Gachapin towel my dear Lau sewed and created for me <3

I really love that towel and also was proud that also japanese fans said that it is really かわいい ...

ready to go
Kirschu also liked the idea with the K-Pop outfits so at last minute she got the clothes from Lau at the airport.

So in the afternoon we took the Tozai Subway Line which luckily was located at our Kayabacho Station and went the short way to Kudanshita Station.
I was a little bit worried if I would find the way through Kitanomaru Park to the Nippon Budokan but it was easy and also we just had to follow other Golden Bomber fans.

I was surprised to see a lot of really good cosplayers. I wanted to take pictures of the people but in fact I was too shy to ask 'cause I didn't remember the correct sentence in japanese for 'can I take a picture of you'. Shame on me!

So I just took random pics while watching the people and smoking some cigarettes.

After a while we became nervous 'cause we didn't find the press reception entry where we had to get our tickets.
But suddenly there were some cameras and a guy asked us for an interview. Luckily he spoke some English and so he asked us some questions.
I guess I talked a lot of nonsense but I just thought about how to get our fucking tickets for that live. The guy who interviewed us tried to help. He was so nice.

But then another guy also asked in English if he could help us and YES! he took us to the right ticket counter and after a short moment a girl was coming and asked us, if we are the contest winner.
my ticket
She was from Finland and had to accompany us. I'm really sorry, I forgot her name >.< but she was really nice, spoke perfect Japanese and English and I found out that she is hosting the English twitter account for euclid agency.

Our seats weren't that close to the stage I hoped before but nevertheless it was okay to see everything. Shortly before the live was starting the Budokan was filled to capacity.

It started at 18:30 p.m. with a very cool video as opening:
Kiryuuin-sama became megalomaniac and the other guys were some kind of subjects. Kiryuuin treated them like shit but it was very funny, he's a very good actor even I didn't think so after watching their movie 'Suri Nokoshita Natsu' *lol*... then they were on stage and started with some songs:

1. デスメンタル [Death Mental]
2. 酔わせてモヒート [Yowasete Mojito]
3. 抱きしめてシュヴァルツ [Dakishimete Schwarz]

Unfortunately our accompany girl was watching me and when I tried to take pictures she said: "NO!"
so I just have some I found after the live.

Kiryuuin-sama was amazing! I love his voice and he's so talented! He played his role perfect and he's such a cutie.

My big love Yutaka, ha ha... He gave a best account of himself like crashing against a wall with a bike, to be enchained on a rolling wheel and diving into water with his head and then he wanted to pee and splashed the guys of Junjun's café Autumn Leaf with [don't worry, it was just some kind of garden hose].

Of course they did some kind of love story. Junjun was Junko-hime and very cute. Prince Yutaka was after 'her' but 'she' ended with Kenji xD

my prince *lol*
So, like always, Yutaka and Shou became a couple and kissed on the stage >///< The live was a good mixture between show and music and it was just amazing. I was glad that I really understood something while they talked Japanese so I was able to put the puzzles together xD

I can't remember all songs but they played the following for sure:

また君に番号を聞けなかった [Mata Kimi ni Bango wo Kikenakatta]
Dance my Generation
ごめんね、愛してる [Gomen ne, Aishiteru]
毒グモ女(萌え燃え編) [Doku Gumo onna (moe moe-hen)]
イヤホン [Earphone]
†ザ・V系っぽい曲† [†THE V-kei poi Kyoku†]
デートプラン [Date Plan]
女々しくて [Memeshikute]
成龍很酷 [Cheng Long hen ku]

I was glad that I learned to do some Furis to the songs so I was able to dance and it was really awesome when thousands of people did the same moves together.
While 'Gomen ne, Aishiteru' I really startet to cry 'cause it's one of my favourites.

The time flew and after the live I was filled with emotions and lovely memories. I just was happy like hell. Then we said goodbye to our accompany girl before we took the last pictures and went to buy some merchandise.

in front of the Budokan
I bought a towel, a tour shirt, a purikura photo set, Kyan Yutaka charm and lip balm and I got three cards for free.
So... it was really one of the best days in my life and I was glad to had the chance to see Golden Bomber again...until the next time!

Thanks to 'my' band member for our winning video, thanks to coolJapan inc., to Kimura-san and special thanks to Golden Bomber!