Dienstag, 3. September 2013

1st day ~ a new journey starts!


I didn't post for a long time even my journey to Japan was a few weeks ago but I want to share my days there with you, especially with my friends who didn't take part so I kicked my ass now and ~ here we go!
Of course, the first entry is NOT that interesting but I always start with the flight as now.

For all those people who are thinking now: 
'Why the hell was she going to Japan twice that year? Is she a rich girl?'
No, I am not!
Last year me and my friends participated at a video contest. First prize was an invitation for two people to a live in Tokyo of Golden Bomber, my favourite band, included flight and 2 nights at hotel and YES! we won!

I know, not the best one but who cares, we fucking won that thing! Because we were four people who did the vid my friends had to draw lots so in the end Kirschu won to accompany me.

So it was like a dream when I woke up in the morning at 31st July not for going to work but for going to the airport Berlin - Tegel with Kirschu.
Lau promised us to take us to the airport. I guess she was some kind of sad that she hadn't the luck even she took part in the video. I was so sorry for her and Michi but also happy for Kirschu 'cause she have never been in Japan.

picture taken from Lau's blog
So we said goodbye to Lau and went to London first. It was the first time I flew with British Airways but I hadn't a choice 'cause cool Japan inc. booked that flight for us.

I really hate the airport of London Heathrow 'cause they tell you your flight gate some kind of 5 minutes before you have to fly and it was really stressful but everything went well and we catched our airplane to Tokyo Narita just in time.

As always I tried to sleep but I really hate such a long distance flight, it's so uncomfortable. And the meal was too bad, I missed my good, old Lufthansa *lol*...

After arriving I was proud of myself 'cause I took us to our first hotel even I have no sense of direction and at the last journeys Michi was my walking map ha ha...

Our hotel was called Smile Hotel Nihombashi at Kayabacho station. Check in time was around 3 p.m. so I explored a little bit the area around on my own. Kirschu was too tired.

So nothing special happend on our first day but next day was the live... we were so excited!


  1. Wow, ist ja genial, dass ihr gewonnen habt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und ich bin schon gespannt auf deine Einträge. ^^

  2. Wow, definitely looking forward to the next entries! <3