Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

3rd day ~ shopping with Kaoru-chan

On Saturday I woke up with a good feeling 'cause I knew this would be a very good day. We had to leave our first hotel and had to move 'cause coolJapan inc. only booked that place for two nights.
So we changed places and I was happy to move to my beloved Shiba Park Hotel at Hamamatsu-cho station.

I prepared myself and wore my d.i.a. outfit. After moving I wanted to meet my friend Kaoru-chan for shopping, Kirschu also had an appointment with her friend from U.S. who lives in Tokyo.

I brought a lot of chocolate from Germany for Kaoru-chan and her German boyfriend. She's addicted to that stuff and it was sooo many chocolate that the whole fridge was filled ha ha...

After I brought Kirschu to the station Kaoru-chan picked me up at my hotel and I was sooo happy to see her after three months again. She was happy about my chocolate but I also got gifts: her boyfriend bought new egg magazine for me and I got a Liz Lisa skirt from her >///<

First Kaoru-chan and I went for something to eat 'cause I was starving! Around the corner was a nice, small restaurant where we ate some Soba with Tempura. Very delicious!
Then we left for going to Shibuya. And I really missed it! Of course we went to 1o9 and, of course, I bought something at Ma*rs shop.

I found a cute skirt with a removeable ribbon and also I bought a blouse while Kaoru-chan found a cute top at d.i.a. store. I also took a look at d.i.a. 'cause I had to buy something for poor Lau who was left in Berlin but I didn't find anything. That pissed me off!

At SBY I wanted to have new lashes of my favourite ones and I was happy when I got them. My lashes that I wore were the last ones I had and not in a very good condition.

Aaah, I really love Shibuya. Even it's so lifely I feel peaceful and calm around that place. Kaoru-chan and I took a short rest at Excelsior Café and then we decided to make purikura. But we both got a very bad sense of direction and had to search a while for the game center ha ha...

After two rounds we had enough! I'm not that big fan of purikura but it's a lovely memory of a really nice day.

For dinner we went to an Izakaya. I missed the athmosphere so bad and also the food but I wasn't that hungry so we only ordered some starters.

Edamame and Tamagoyaki, also some chicken and other small things. And BEER! In August it's so damn hot and humid in Tokyo that nothing is better than a cooled beer.

So we chatted about girls stuff and planned the next day. On Sunday Kaoru-chan was also off from work and we wanted to spend the rare time together.

Really weird picture, ha ha... I had a great day with her, she's sooo cute and I'm happy that I can talk with her about everything.

So, for the next day we decided to go to Harajuku with Kirschu...


  1. seems like it was a good day :D you made some cute pics too >w<

  2. Echt schöne Bilder und dein Outfit sieht so toll aus *__*