Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016

NIA live in Berlin

On April 23rd the Japanese band NIA (New Improved Ansia) was in Berlin.
Honestly I have never heard of the band before even they're active since 2006 but the ticket price was okay and I love concerts so I thought: why not?
Of course it was Senja's idea to visit the live so I went earlier from work that day for dressing up and getting my hair done.

A big big thanks to Senja for doing my hair, she's the best hair dresser ever! After getting ready Lau picked us up at my place 'cause this time she wanted to accompany us even she's not that into Japanese music anymore but I was happy.

So we went together to the club and we had to hurry up! We all had VIP tickets for an early entry and for a meet & greet with the band after the live.
On the way we did some selfies while people stared at us xD

The concert took place at a small club in Berlin-Kreuzberg called Cortina Bob. It was hard to find but in the end we arrived in time and were shocked 'cause just a few people waited outside.

top: d.i.a.
shorts: H&M
belt: d.i,a,
boots: Flag-J (Shibuya 109)

While we waited outside we did some outfit shots and other pictures with Senja's selfie stick xD

beautiful girls are beautiful *lol*

Really belated the doors opened and we entered the club. We were a little bit surprised about the small stage.
I have never seen such a small stage before, not in Germany and not in Japan xD

The musicians prepared their instruments and some less other people arrived at the club to join the live but all in all we were around 30 fans.

Senja and I took place in the first row, Lau was behind us 'cause she felt not that comfy directly in front of the band.
After the first song called 'Damage' I was really surprised!
The music was really good and the 4 guys rocked the stage. We had fun to improvise some furitsuke but after a few songs they stopped playing.
The drumset was broken!
Drummer Hikari tried to fix it with the staff while the other bandmember talked to us and asked questions like what is our favorite Japanese food or if we like Japan.

f.l.t.r. drums Hikari, bass Kouhei, guitar Jin

vocal Tatsuki

After two more songs Hikari got problems with his drumset again. Poor drummer-chan!
But the breaks were very funny and interesting 'cause one of the fans spoke some Japanese and she translated between bandmember and us.


I guess NIA weren't able to play all of that songs from their setlist 'cause of the drumset dilemma.
For the encore they changed clothes live on stage into their tour shirts. So we got a strip for free, ha ha...except Hikari, he wore his shirt under his stage outfit. Damn!

But I really really enjoyed the live!

After we did the obligatory concert shot with the band and waited for the VIP event. We tried to rescue our make up and hair before we were allowed to take pictures with NIA.

They all were very kind and they gave every fan a hug <3

Spontaneously Senja and I bought a cheki with the band, so we got another picture. Every guy signed on it and it's such a cute memory.
While signing we talked a few words with the guys and I got cute compliments.

I wanted to stay longer but I had to work the next day *sigh*. NIA is an awesome band, the music is great and I hoped to see them again somewhere but yesterday Hikari posted on his Twitter account that they stopped their activities on 20th December.
I'm really sad but I'm thankful for the fantastic live.