Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

International Gyaru Lovers Meet-up Frankfurt


End of January me and my friends participated at the big 'International Gyaru Lovers Meet-up' in Frankfurt.

We planned to go there a long time ago but unfortunately GooF became ill so it was only Mao, Senja, Hani, Lau and me from our circle who went to Frankfurt so we weren't complete *sigh*.

I wasn't sure what to wear until the day X but I knew that I wanted to have some blueish strands so I tried out hair chalk for the first time.
As you can see it worked very well but also my hands were blue after using *lol*.

Luckily Senja did my hair and I felt nostalgic 'cause she did it the last time for the An Café lives, ha ha.

Last minute I decided to wear that d.i.a. coord. I still like d.i.a. but in my opinion it's too much and I feel more comfy with a casual Garula look but hey, it was a meet-up so it was okay ^^

I shared the hostel room with Mao. She was an easygoing room mate and also did a d.i.a. coord that day.
Ready to go!

We all met at the main station in Frankfurt and went by tram to our guest location called 'Romanfabrik'.

I was really impressed 'cause I've never seen so many gals before at one place! There were people from different nations like Sweden, UK, Spain, Japan, Switzerland and lots of others. And all of them looked amazing!

picture by David Kaiser

When we arrived at the location we did first a group shot before we went in. I love that picture, I still can't believe that I was a part of that great meet-up.

First we had to introduce ourself on stage and told our favorite item we wear that day. As you can see Kukki is proud of her boots *lol*.

My beloved girls and I: Senja, Lau, Mao, myself and Hani. Nyappy! xD We had a seat in front of the stage. After the introduction there was some kind of gyaru contest (who has best coord in different styles, best hair and so on) and we had to fill out that questionnaire.
That was hard 'cause I can't remember all names of around 90 people x___X

Kitai and Kyo, the hosts of this event, did a great job on stage and they also organized a programm with sales fashion show, raffles and para para dancing (where our Hani took part).
Also there was a small bar and I felt great...until the beer was out of stock *sigh*.

my beloved Senja and I
Hani and I
me with Sui and Senja (pic taken from Sui's blog)
It was such a nice day. I didn't talk to a lot of people inside but while smoking outside it was more easy to get to know each other, that was a funny fact.

After the main event was over in the late afternoon the girls and I went back to our hotel. We forgot to take our outfit street snap that day so before we changed clothes for the evening we did some kind of bad lighted floor snap xD

If you would like to see the floor snaps of the other Mojito member please take a look at our Mojito Facebook.

I switched from d.i.a. into Garula coord and felt much more better ^^
Then we went back to the main station 'cause it was time to meet again for karaoke.

Time was running fast and after 2 hours karaoke was over. The other gals wanted to meet again for going to club. Svea (Senja's cute and nice room mate) and also Lau joined but Hani, Mao, Senja and I ate pizza and went to bed 'cause we all were so done.

Next day Kukki, Lau and I went back to Berlin and we also had to say goodbye to Senja, Hani and Mao. It really was a great weekend. Hopefully next year again!
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