Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Nails, Primark and Golden Bomber ~ recent things

At the moment I'm such a lazy girl. I don't take pictures when I do something interesting and also I'm not posting it onto my blog *sigh*. So only a few news here.

Since my last trip to Japan I have gel nails so I have to do them once a month. It's not that special super-duper gyaru style but it's more neat than my natural nails 'cause under stress I'm gnawing my nails.
Btw, at background you see my Japanese book. Once a week I have an adult evening class for learning Japanese. The class started in September and it's a welcome change during the week.

Last Saturday I visited Primark for first time together with Lau. We were very curious about it 'cause we read a lot in different blogs. And I was surprised, the clothes aren't that bad and really really cheap.

But it was crowd and I HATE crowd stores! So I spent a lot of time outside at an café trying to coordinate the rest of my weekend. I wanted to meet my ex-boyfriend and also a date =)

My gets: two overknees and tights, also black legwarmers but I forgot to drap it on the picture. I would like to go to Primark again but NOT at weekend. Maybe when I have a free day...

And now the really best news: 


In July there was a video contest where you could win a free flight to Japan, free hotel and concert tickets for Golden Bomber. My friends and I participated with the German version of 'Memeshikute' and last week I got a message of my friend 'cause I forgot the contest already with the words: 'We won that damn video contest!'

I'm really happy. I never thought that we will be the winners because there were sooo many really well cutted and funny vids and mine was really poor quality 'cause I worked with my oooold notebook and oooold Windumb Movie Maker but FUCK YEAH! we did it!


So hell, I will go to Japan with one of my friends to see Golden Bomber live on stage for a concert, not only for a few songs like in August.
And I promise, I will make a better report than the last time ^O^

Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Gangnam Style ~ Berlin's K-Pop-Party

On Friday the 5th October we had the great plan to visit that K-Pop-Party. I have to say that I'm not really into K-Pop, I prefer rockish sounds but it was a nice experience, asian people were knowing how to make party :3

One of our best friends Kirschu came to Berlin for that weekend and I was glad to see her and so together with Lau we went to that event in the late evening.
Before Lau helped us with different styling things and after a few hours we were prepared for that night.

All pictures I took from Lau's blog with her permission. My pics were blurred or too dark...don't know why Q____Q

At the station we had to change we bought something to drink. Truly I wasn't that motivated after a long working day. But with my cute friends my mood changed quickly.
Btw, look at Lau's amazing hairstyle...sooo gorgeous *O*

The party was at A-Lounge club. Lau told me before, she heard from a friend that we have to wait a looong time before in a linebut we entered after a few minutes and I was chilled.

First I wanted to wear another outfit but last minute I changed and so the Ma*rs set won. Even the tights are from Ma*rs but they weren't comfortable and too big o__O
I was surprised, I thought, Japanese tights are for small, thin Japanese girls but I guess I was wrong ^^°
The tights pissed me off the whole evening!

cute Kirschu with her lovely wig *O*
Fuyu and Lau
We met Fuyu, a friend of Lau. I heard a lot of her before and she's a very cute and kind person.

First the dancefloor was empty but after a few drinks everybody was swinging the hips. There were a lot of asian people and, of course, some good looking guys =)
After a few drinks we danced with them very close.

I look totally done and I drank a lot that evening. I met a half French half Chinese guy. Really nice but very young. And French accent...but I saw him again ^^

We also met nice people to talk while smoking outside. They adored Lau's and Kirschu's foxtails.
So all in all the party was great, music was okay, people were cool and we will join the next K-Pop-Party in November for sure!

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Smells like teen zombie ~ Live Karaoke

Last weekend I had free and so after our Japan journey Lau and I continued with our normal weekend activities.
We met for visiting Neo Tokyo because we had the hope to find new magazines like egg and Popteen...but they only had the issues we already bought in Japan.
So we weren't successful that day and went to one of my favourite restaurants nearby, 'Good Morning Vietnam'.
It was the first time since Japan that I dressed up a little bit, wore lashes and lenses so I was prepaired for talking to the cute waiter way...I was too shy like always *sigh*.

Afterwards we wanted to go to our good old Ringcenter to check the autumn collections in the stores but we don't wanted to buy anything.

At the H&M changing room we made pictures, like always XD My outfit for that day was my Ma*rs skirt, Tally Weijl top, tights from claire's, jacket H&M.

I tried that fake fur scarf and I was so in love with that thing that I can't resist and bought it for around 1o EUR.

By the way, for all those 374585 people who are clicking my blog because of that fuxxing 'I prefer the drummer' shirt, please read that:
THE SHIRTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! You can get it in every fucking small H&M for 1o EUR!

In the evening we went to 'Pfefferberg' in Prenzlauer Berg for Live Karaoke and meeting Fluff, a friend of us who is addicted to Live Karaoke.
It was Rock Stars night so the hair of the guys were long and the music was rockish...and also it was single party but we didn't mind XD

First I was on stage with Fluff and we tried to sing 'Smells like teen spirit'. I really like Nirvana and the band was great, they performed it very well but it was difficult to sing. It was not our pitch of voice XD

Later on Lau and I sung our good old Cranberries' song 'Zombie'...It was not that horrible like the Nirvana-song but I'm really not a good singer.
It was fun and nice to see Fluff since a long time.

On Sunday Lau and I were lazy so we just tried to style my hair like this. Lau is a good stylist and I liked my hair really much X3
Please ignore that I don't wear make up for that pic >///<.

Next entry will be about K-Pop-Party this weekend in Berlin.

Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

19th and last day ~ the end of all things

Wednesday, 29.08.

While Michi was going to Ginza for visiting a market, Lau and I decided to spend our last day and our last money in Shibuya, one of our favourite areas of Tokyo.
I was sad and depressed, like always when things are ending.

So we took a last round at Shibuya 1o9 and take a look at the shops there. I knew that I will miss the great shops there.

I just bought some lashes at SBY, tights from Ma*rs and a bra at d.i.a. I also needed a hand luggage bag 'cause my suitcase was already full.
After I was nearly on the rocks ^^°

After shopping we were thirsty and made a stop at Excelsior Café for drinking and smoking. We had a nice view out of the window.

In the afternoon we met Michi at Hachiko statue. Michi still was searching for a big bento box so we went to Loft and Tokyu Hands, some department stores, and finally she was happy to find one ^O^
Hachiko statue
happy Michi is happy XD
After a brief stop at Mandarake, a shop who sells doujinshis, anime, manga, cosplay stuff,  where Michi bought some CLAMP stuff, we took the last purikura of us.

Yamanote line
We left Shibuya in the evening and like everytime we came back to our hotel we stopped by at the ashtray.
We cooled down in our room and prepared us for the last dinner in Japan.
We went to our udon shop near our hotel and I had niku udon [beef]... very delicious.

In the evening my dear Aya-chan came for last time to stay over night. While Lau and Michi were sleeping Aya-chan and I went to the ashtray and talked a long time before we went to bed.
During the night there were two earthquakes but I hadn't recognized it.

In the morning we went for breakfast at Tully's and then I had to say goodbye to Aya-chan. I was crying, I love her really much, she's such a kind person.
Michi, Lau and I took the subway to the Narita airport.

The onigiri I bought from my last money at the airport. Goodbye, Japan!
I met a lot of nice people, had a lot of fun and I can't await it to come back next year. Our journey will be from 29th March until 13th April 'cause I want to celebrate my birthday in Tokyo.
I'm really looking forward to it!

Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

18th day ~ Ueno

Tuesday, 28.08.

On that day we decided to visit Ueno 'cause we didn't went to that area the year before. We took the way south from the station via Okachimachi and strolled through the small charming streets.

There were a lot of shops where you can buy everything...also some strange things and I discovered a shop with creepy figures.

Say hello to Chucky, the star of the horror movie 'Child's Play'... I was afraid of this movie when I was a child and now I saw that thing in the middle of Tokyo XD

But first of all we were searching for ABAB, a shopping center 'cause we heard about a Ma*rs shop there and I wanted to have a look 'cause I had some money left.

At Ma*rs I bought this cute set *O* That picture above I took from the website 'cause I hadn't worn it until last weekend XD but I really love it, it looks so cute.

I also bought that black shorts for wearing under skirts. It was very cheap so I can't resist.
After leaving the shopping center Lau was searching for another Donki. At the Kasuga dori we finally found the shop.

Lau was buying some stuff. I was very interested in the big salt water tank at the entrance so I watched the fishes for a while.
Later on Michi wanted to go to Asakusa. She heard about a street where you can buy things for the kitchen and Michi is totally in love with cooking so we were searching for the Kappabachi dori there.

 Michi bought a lot of stuff there but she hadn't found her wished big bento box. Poor Michi!