Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Gangnam Style ~ Berlin's K-Pop-Party

On Friday the 5th October we had the great plan to visit that K-Pop-Party. I have to say that I'm not really into K-Pop, I prefer rockish sounds but it was a nice experience, asian people were knowing how to make party :3

One of our best friends Kirschu came to Berlin for that weekend and I was glad to see her and so together with Lau we went to that event in the late evening.
Before Lau helped us with different styling things and after a few hours we were prepared for that night.

All pictures I took from Lau's blog with her permission. My pics were blurred or too dark...don't know why Q____Q

At the station we had to change we bought something to drink. Truly I wasn't that motivated after a long working day. But with my cute friends my mood changed quickly.
Btw, look at Lau's amazing hairstyle...sooo gorgeous *O*

The party was at A-Lounge club. Lau told me before, she heard from a friend that we have to wait a looong time before in a linebut we entered after a few minutes and I was chilled.

First I wanted to wear another outfit but last minute I changed and so the Ma*rs set won. Even the tights are from Ma*rs but they weren't comfortable and too big o__O
I was surprised, I thought, Japanese tights are for small, thin Japanese girls but I guess I was wrong ^^°
The tights pissed me off the whole evening!

cute Kirschu with her lovely wig *O*
Fuyu and Lau
We met Fuyu, a friend of Lau. I heard a lot of her before and she's a very cute and kind person.

First the dancefloor was empty but after a few drinks everybody was swinging the hips. There were a lot of asian people and, of course, some good looking guys =)
After a few drinks we danced with them very close.

I look totally done and I drank a lot that evening. I met a half French half Chinese guy. Really nice but very young. And French accent...but I saw him again ^^

We also met nice people to talk while smoking outside. They adored Lau's and Kirschu's foxtails.
So all in all the party was great, music was okay, people were cool and we will join the next K-Pop-Party in November for sure!

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