Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

19th and last day ~ the end of all things

Wednesday, 29.08.

While Michi was going to Ginza for visiting a market, Lau and I decided to spend our last day and our last money in Shibuya, one of our favourite areas of Tokyo.
I was sad and depressed, like always when things are ending.

So we took a last round at Shibuya 1o9 and take a look at the shops there. I knew that I will miss the great shops there.

I just bought some lashes at SBY, tights from Ma*rs and a bra at d.i.a. I also needed a hand luggage bag 'cause my suitcase was already full.
After I was nearly on the rocks ^^°

After shopping we were thirsty and made a stop at Excelsior Café for drinking and smoking. We had a nice view out of the window.

In the afternoon we met Michi at Hachiko statue. Michi still was searching for a big bento box so we went to Loft and Tokyu Hands, some department stores, and finally she was happy to find one ^O^
Hachiko statue
happy Michi is happy XD
After a brief stop at Mandarake, a shop who sells doujinshis, anime, manga, cosplay stuff,  where Michi bought some CLAMP stuff, we took the last purikura of us.

Yamanote line
We left Shibuya in the evening and like everytime we came back to our hotel we stopped by at the ashtray.
We cooled down in our room and prepared us for the last dinner in Japan.
We went to our udon shop near our hotel and I had niku udon [beef]... very delicious.

In the evening my dear Aya-chan came for last time to stay over night. While Lau and Michi were sleeping Aya-chan and I went to the ashtray and talked a long time before we went to bed.
During the night there were two earthquakes but I hadn't recognized it.

In the morning we went for breakfast at Tully's and then I had to say goodbye to Aya-chan. I was crying, I love her really much, she's such a kind person.
Michi, Lau and I took the subway to the Narita airport.

The onigiri I bought from my last money at the airport. Goodbye, Japan!
I met a lot of nice people, had a lot of fun and I can't await it to come back next year. Our journey will be from 29th March until 13th April 'cause I want to celebrate my birthday in Tokyo.
I'm really looking forward to it!

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