Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012

Smells like teen zombie ~ Live Karaoke

Last weekend I had free and so after our Japan journey Lau and I continued with our normal weekend activities.
We met for visiting Neo Tokyo because we had the hope to find new magazines like egg and Popteen...but they only had the issues we already bought in Japan.
So we weren't successful that day and went to one of my favourite restaurants nearby, 'Good Morning Vietnam'.
It was the first time since Japan that I dressed up a little bit, wore lashes and lenses so I was prepaired for talking to the cute waiter way...I was too shy like always *sigh*.

Afterwards we wanted to go to our good old Ringcenter to check the autumn collections in the stores but we don't wanted to buy anything.

At the H&M changing room we made pictures, like always XD My outfit for that day was my Ma*rs skirt, Tally Weijl top, tights from claire's, jacket H&M.

I tried that fake fur scarf and I was so in love with that thing that I can't resist and bought it for around 1o EUR.

By the way, for all those 374585 people who are clicking my blog because of that fuxxing 'I prefer the drummer' shirt, please read that:
THE SHIRTS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! You can get it in every fucking small H&M for 1o EUR!

In the evening we went to 'Pfefferberg' in Prenzlauer Berg for Live Karaoke and meeting Fluff, a friend of us who is addicted to Live Karaoke.
It was Rock Stars night so the hair of the guys were long and the music was rockish...and also it was single party but we didn't mind XD

First I was on stage with Fluff and we tried to sing 'Smells like teen spirit'. I really like Nirvana and the band was great, they performed it very well but it was difficult to sing. It was not our pitch of voice XD

Later on Lau and I sung our good old Cranberries' song 'Zombie'...It was not that horrible like the Nirvana-song but I'm really not a good singer.
It was fun and nice to see Fluff since a long time.

On Sunday Lau and I were lazy so we just tried to style my hair like this. Lau is a good stylist and I liked my hair really much X3
Please ignore that I don't wear make up for that pic >///<.

Next entry will be about K-Pop-Party this weekend in Berlin.

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