Donnerstag, 21. März 2013

Book Fair Leipzig

This will be just a short entry about the book fair last weekend. For me it's every year like a short vacation 'cause I always take some free days and on Friday we relax with shopping and strolling through the streets.

We arrived after noon at main station. I was glad to spent the time with my best friends Michi and Lau. The sun was shining but it was freaking cold!
Last year we had around 17°C but this year it felt like ice age úu

My outfit that day: d.i.a. skirt and belt, H&M cutsew, Ma*rs knit, H&M fake fur scarf and Tally Weijl overknees.
We took some time at our hotel and made some mirror shots.

Funny pic with cute Lau. I loved her colorful outfit that day. It really cheered me up.

And finally with our beloved Michi. The Golden Girls, HA HA...

After leaving our hotel room we went to the city and were walking through the streets. We stopped by at some shops and I can't resist and bought a cool shirt at 'New Steinbruch'.

Lau also bought some clothes there. We also took a look at H&M, Orsay, claire's and other nice shops. Michi found nothing.

At a nice café we took a break for chatting and warming up. I ate a delicious french toast but it was too much so I shared with the other girls xD#

Same picture at the same point like last year but this time with some snow, boots and a warm coat HA HA...
By the way, we still have snow. I can't see the white shit anymore *sigh*...where the hell is spriiiing?

For dinner we went to an asian restaurant. I just had a curry soup 'cause I was sooo full after that toast that I wasn't able to eat a real meal.
In the evening we went back to hotel and after that nice day we were prepared for the fair...

On Saturday our first day at the book fair started with an epic breakfast. After that Lau and Michi dressed up as Kenji and Shou 'cause that day we wanted to cosplay Golden Bomber in Dance my Generation PV version.

The weather was nice but cold, of course. I changed my clothes and became Yutaka. Finally we met our cute Kirschu as Jun and we were complete and started to make some pictures.

Me as Yutaka. He's looking so sexy with that hairstyle like me... ... ... NOT! xD But it was sooo funny and some people recognized us as Golden Bomber so we were happy and we also found some other Golden Bomber cosplayer.

original ...Kenji with Kiss-Make up for promotion pics
and we as a copy xD
Thank you, girls, for that great day. It was stressful but sooo funny with you.

We met cute Fuyu and a lot of other friends that day...

On Sunday that day started awful and I was pissed cause my water bottle was leak in my bag and my smartphone took a swim in it -.-°
So we arrived late at the book fair. We just took some pictures with Kirschu 'cause she had to leave very early. We cosplayed Super Gals.
I don't know that anime but it looked cute so I joined together with Michi and we were a nice group.

My girls and me... I love you sooo much and it's always fun with you all...

My character's name is Aya Hoshino. I choosed her because I wanted to do something with dark hair. And the outfit was really comfy.
In the afternoon we met our friend Fluff and it was sooo funny to hang around with her. After that weird morning she was able to cheer me up a lot and also took a lot of pictures.

So it was a nice weekend at all. I want to thank Lau for everything, Michi, Kirschu and Fluff.

Next Friday Michi and I will go to Japan for two weeks. When I come back I will write a blog entry for every day but for now I'm busy with preparations for my holidays ^O^ ...