Samstag, 19. Januar 2013

At Michi's place: Duesseldorf and New Year

Yeah, I'm very late and new year has started a few weeks ago but I would like to post about it 'cause it were really nice days with my beloved friends.

I went to Gladbeck Saturday after work and was happy that my friends picked me up at Essen main station.
I was hungry like hell so after we brought my luggage to Michi we went to an italian restaurant I forgot the name xD

I had some curry chicken pasta, very delicious, and also lambrusco, a sweet red wine.
Some of my friends gave me related christmas presents even I don't want to have some. Thank you sooo much, girls.

From Lau I got that cute zebra-printed cosmetic bag and lovely frilled socks. I'm addicted to everything with zebra print.

Kirschu made necklaces for herself, Michi, Lau and me by herself with our favourite member of Golden Bomber on it so I got my cutie Yutaka. That's really one of the best presents ever *lough*... sooo cute!

On Sunday we relaxed, talked, ate a lot, looked an anime episode of Ixion Saga and played 'Tabu'.

pic by Kirschu
Michi and Kirschu baked an oreo cheesecake before.
pic by Kirschu
In the evening Lau became a hair stylist and tried to make Sato a cool visual kei hairstyle and it suits her sooo good.

our cute Sato-chan
For dinner Michi wanted to make some japanese dishes like Takoyaki, Teriyaki turkey and Chirashi zushi.

pic by Kirschu
The Takoyaki didn't work very well so we did the dough on the teppan and it looked like Okonomiyaki. So we called it Takonomiyaki xD

Next day was the 31st of December and we got up very early for dressing us up 'cause we wanted to go to Duesseldorf that day.

We were sooo tired and I told the girls to be a little bit more motivated...
Yeaaaah, much more better, girls... HA HA

We arrived early enough for a relaxed breakfast at Burger King and while eating we made a plan for that day. I had tasty little sweet pancakes and a caramel macchiato.

pic by Kirschu
Kirschu and I made some pics at the toilet xD Isn't she cute? I really love her.
After our second breakfast we went to a shop called 'KULT' 'cause Kirschu wanted to buy a special onepiece there but unluckily they got it in the wrong colour -.-

We waited while Kirschu was at the changing room and I made some stupid pictures in front of the big mirror. But cool Sato looks cool ^^

We did a walk through the shopping streets and stopped at H&M, Tally Weijl, Orsay and some others. At H&M I bought two fluffy scarfs and some necklaces at sale.

After shopping we went to the Japan Mile. Sato wanted to check stores for merchandise and Shonen Jump, we searched for new issues of magazines and also made a stop at a supermarket 'cause I wanted to buy matcha latte.

At OCS store we wanted to make some puricura. I'm not that big fan of doing some with sooo many people. Also decorating is horrible. I guess I'm not a real girl HA HA....

Lau while decorating ^^
In the end I bought nothing at the store. I try really hard to safe my money for my real journey to Japan in March.
After leaving we went to one of our favourite cafés there, the TENTEN.

I had a ciabatta and my beloved Matcha latte. So we relaxed here after that hard forenoon before we went back to Gladbeck for celebrating the new year's eve.

nyappy ~ HA HA pic by Kirschu

After arriving at home we watched 'Dinner for one', very funny and then Michi started again with cooking.

It looked tasty and it was, but not really my cup of tea. It was rice with some vegetables but I missed the meat *lol*...
After dinner we loughed, danced [Gangnam style in the kitchen HA HA], talked, drunk and had a lot of fun.
At midnight we went for fireworks on the streets. Sato and I were the pyrotechnists like every year ^^

pic by Michi
So thanks to my beloved girls for the wonderful days. I love you all!

Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

2nd Circle Meet up

Uh, it's been a long time again *sigh*. Christmas is over and new year already has started.

I'm happy about the new year and I hope it will be a good year for me but that's another theme so... let me talk about our circle meet up before Christmas...

On Saturday the 22th December we decided to meet for a last time this year. First we wanted to go to a korean restaurant and after for karaoke.
I curled my extensions but outside it was snowing like hell and so I looked like shit after two minutes leaving my house and got into that blizzard *lol*...
I picked up Fuyu at Alexanderplatz and we went to Neo Tokyo together where we met the other gals.

Pic taken from Lau's blog
We went to korean restaurant Yamyam and I tried to find something to eat. I'm not that big fan of korean food and I guess I will starve when my friend and I make a stop in Korea in 2o14 (´Д` )

I dunno what the hell it was what I ordered but it wasn't that tasty. Inside that thing were shrimps and vegetables.

Cute Fuyu and I. That pic is taken from her blog. Our little group was very loud so I guess the staff of the restaurant were happy when we left xD

A few of us went after leaving the restaurant for karaoke at another korean restaurant. I was very excited 'cause my last karaoke session I had in Japan.

Our group consisted of [f.l.t.r.]: Thanan, Fuyu, Lau, Tama, Ari and A-chan. I was taken the picture and took it also from Fuyus blog 'cause mine that I made was blurred. I really hate my cam *sigh*...

Pic taken from Lau's blog
It was sooo cool 'cause we had a single room like in Japan and I felt like in August... just without the boys and Aya-chan. But in only 2 months and 3 weeks I will be again in Japan and I'm really looking forward to it.

cute Thanan
A-chan in action
That evening was really funny and I hope to see all again very soon. Karaoke also was nice and we sang a lot of songs from Spice Girls, Oasis, Daft Punk, O-Zone and lot of others ^O^

Take care!