Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

2nd Circle Meet up

Uh, it's been a long time again *sigh*. Christmas is over and new year already has started.

I'm happy about the new year and I hope it will be a good year for me but that's another theme so... let me talk about our circle meet up before Christmas...

On Saturday the 22th December we decided to meet for a last time this year. First we wanted to go to a korean restaurant and after for karaoke.
I curled my extensions but outside it was snowing like hell and so I looked like shit after two minutes leaving my house and got into that blizzard *lol*...
I picked up Fuyu at Alexanderplatz and we went to Neo Tokyo together where we met the other gals.

Pic taken from Lau's blog
We went to korean restaurant Yamyam and I tried to find something to eat. I'm not that big fan of korean food and I guess I will starve when my friend and I make a stop in Korea in 2o14 (´Д` )

I dunno what the hell it was what I ordered but it wasn't that tasty. Inside that thing were shrimps and vegetables.

Cute Fuyu and I. That pic is taken from her blog. Our little group was very loud so I guess the staff of the restaurant were happy when we left xD

A few of us went after leaving the restaurant for karaoke at another korean restaurant. I was very excited 'cause my last karaoke session I had in Japan.

Our group consisted of [f.l.t.r.]: Thanan, Fuyu, Lau, Tama, Ari and A-chan. I was taken the picture and took it also from Fuyus blog 'cause mine that I made was blurred. I really hate my cam *sigh*...

Pic taken from Lau's blog
It was sooo cool 'cause we had a single room like in Japan and I felt like in August... just without the boys and Aya-chan. But in only 2 months and 3 weeks I will be again in Japan and I'm really looking forward to it.

cute Thanan
A-chan in action
That evening was really funny and I hope to see all again very soon. Karaoke also was nice and we sang a lot of songs from Spice Girls, Oasis, Daft Punk, O-Zone and lot of others ^O^

Take care!


  1. ich bin immer noch neidisch wenn ich euere ganzen blogeinträge dazu lese D: nächstes mal bin ich dann wieder mitdabei <3

    das foto mit dir und victoria ist außerdem echt süss *o*

  2. Ich fands auch mega toll! <3
    Karaoke könnten wir ruhig öfters hin! Ich probiere iwann mal demnächst die Karaoke Bar hier in MD aus! XD

  3. @ Tine:
    War ja nicht das letzte meet-up, beim nächsten bist du dann auf jeden Fall wieder mit dabei *O*

    @ Fuyu:
    Auf jeden Fall, müssen wir unbedingt wiederholen... und probiere mal die Bars in MD aus, wenn ich das nächste Mal bei meinen Eltern bin, dann machen wir da eine unsicher xD