Sonntag, 19. April 2015

Spring is back!


It's been about 2 months since my last entry. I really want to force myself to blog one time a months but my problem is that I forget to take pictures when I'm doing something special or meet friends >.<
I really need some kind of memory ring tone, ha ha...

But now I want to continue with some pictures from the Book Fair in Leipzig, new gets and some outfits.

In the middle of March we went on Friday to Leipzig. Like ever year I wanted to visit the Book Fair there but Friday always was our chilling day in the city.

It was freaking cold, winter was coming back that weekend. So I had to wear thermo leggings under my tights. Mao, Hani, Kukki, Senja and I went by local train to Leipzig.
While Kukki and Hani took a nap in our appartement Senja, Mao and I met Lau and Michi in the city.

We strolled through the streets and went a bit shopping. I didn't buy anything that day but it was funny with the girls.

In the evening we met again with the other girls and also with Sato and Kirschu to have dinner at the 'Schnitzel Culture'.

I had 'Schnitzel Försterin' with croquettes and a sauce hollandaise - champignon mix. Very delicious!
It was a nice, relaxing evening with chatting and drinking some cocktails.

The next day started stressful to me 'cause Senja doesn't fit into GooF's yukata so she had to wear her own and unfortunately I own the same one.
But Senja stayed cool and so I was wearing GooF's yukata and with Senjas help everything went well.
Also a BIG THANKS to lovely Senja for doing my hair on all 2 days!

The fair was crowded as fuck! So for me it wasn't fun at all and we just stayed around two hours. In the crowd we met Lau and Michi.

They were having a Digimon cosplay group together. It was some kind of hurtful to me not being a part of them but I quitted cosplay last year.

The only picture of me and Senja that day taken by Lau. But Senja and I had a lot of fun to watch the good and bad cosplayer around us and also took some funny pics of ourselves.

After leaving the fair we changed clothes and had a nice evening in the city and celebrating Kirschu's pre-birthday.

The Sunday started with a breakfast at the main station before we went to the fair. I didn't take any pictures that day, that's really shameful >.<

Michi and I had a Pokémon battle with Sato as referee. We had the idea to take part at the World Championships qualification this year but we quitted. Stuttgart is too far and too expensive to go there.

My haul that day: 2 manga I wanted to have a long time (even I sold my complete collection a few years ago) and Gachapin snacks ^^

Kirschu's birthday cheki... and the only picture of me that day xD
It was a nice weekend in the end.

Let's talk about the next theme. Even it's still bad weather I did some spring shopping and also I got some gifts from my friends.

My friend Aiko visited her family and she fulfil my big desire for the book of Kiryuuin Shou, voka-ru of Golden Bomber, I had seen in September in Japan but didn't buy.
Also I got some sweet matcha stuff from her.

And more Golden Bomber stuff: Aya sent to me another 2 DVDs about the live tour 2014: special Saitama tour final edition and special Kyan Yutaka edition. She's crazy! I had to pick my package up at custom service but I was sooo happy after I received it.

Some weeks ago I met with Lau for shopping. She wanted to prepare for her holidays and I just wanted to look for some spring clothes.
At the moment I become more and more into GARULA. The spring collection is pointed on denim wear so I focused my eyes on that.

I found these jeans shorts at the new H&M collection and I was surprised 'cause Garula really have the same one in stock at the moment.

Some kind of similar, isn't it? But I really want to wish I would own the 'real one' 'cause I hate high waisted things like that H&M short is.

This cardigan I bought in sale at Tally Weijl and it also reminds me of some Garula cardigans I had seen on their website.

And for just 15,- EUR I got this really cool denim shoes.

And this is the Garula-inspired spring outfit with the new items I bought. I really like it! Also I tried to style some other Garula outfits with my wardrobe.

checked shirt: Juriano Jurrie
sewatshirt: Comme des Fuckdown
skirt: Tally Weijl

top: Garula
pink shirt: H&M
shorts: Tally Weijl

My normal light make up I wear for that kind of style: natural upper lashes (Dolly Wink No. 16) and no name lower lashes. I guess on that picture every kind of make up is invisible *drop*.

And last but not least: my birthday flowers from my mother... tulips are my favorite flowers and they brought back the spring to me.
Next weeks will be exciting: I will visit Senja in Cottbus, Michi in Düsseldorf and will visit with Aiko the MUCC live in Berlin included VIP meet and greet.