Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

J-Day in Duesseldorf

Yes, I'm still alive!
At the moment im not very into blogging... but I have to kick myself for it 'cause there are so many things like the last Japan Day, Anime convention, last Japan trip or circle meet up and for me my blog is like my diary.
Mainly my entries are for my memory so I won't quit blogging. Maybe I need a new layout for my motivation?

For the J-Day Lau and I visited our friend Michi who moved to Duesseldorf. I really envy her, the area and her new flat are just awesome!
Also Kirschu came to Michi's place and we all wore a Yukata that day. Lau did my hair but at the moment my brown hair color is really annoying to me.

We all were very surprised 'cause it was fucking crowd! I got that feeling that from year to year there are more and more people x___X
So we searched for a nice sunny place and chilled a little bit. My personal highlight was to eat Yakisoba and had a cold Kirin beer.

Gals's meet
Lau, Kirschu and I tried to find the Gyaru meet while michi was chatting with her friend. We did some pictures and chatted a little bit.
I was a little bit distracted by a Japanese band who was playing on stage at the meeting point. They played rock music and I liked the sound.

me, Lau, Kitai and Kirschu at Gyaru meet
In the early evening my friends and I took some pictures together and it was fun, like always!

my lovely girls and me
Me with lovely Sato-chan. I was happy to see her after a long time and she spent a lot of time with us. She's really one of the easiest going persons I ever met!

In the evening it was the first time that I was able to enjoy the big fire works. It was really nice but stressful before 'cause the train didn't stop at our station we wanted to leave and we hadn't find a good place to watch.

Next day we started with a good and loooong breakfast before we started to pack our luggage and dress up 'cause we wanted to have lunch together.
Kirschu unfortunately had to leave some earlier so it was just Michi, Lau and me left.

Outfit shot that day. I really love my new d.i.a. top I bought at Kleiderkreisel.
We locked our luggage at main station and went to Café Relax. Funniest moment to me: the band I saw yesterday on stage was passing by the Immermann Street.

I had Teriyaki chicken karaage. It was really delicious and I felt a little bit like I was in Japan that moment. Duesseldorf is really a nice place with a lots of Japanese restaurants and shops.

my beloved Michi
It was a great final of a nice weekend and Lau and I were sad to leave but we knew that we will come back to DoKomi again ^^

Also I just want to post some of my latest gets.

At H&M I bought a cute cover for my passport. German passports are very ugly and now it's lovely...even just from outside xD

Swimwear from H&M and New Yorker. I don't like swimming but I like to wear it under tops for summer ^^

Golden wedges I bought on eBay...It's Japanese size L and a bit too big but wearable and I really like them! Hopefully I can wear them soon, at the moment the weather here is not that nice.

Earrings from Tally Weijl sponsored by my mom ^^

And golden earrings and necklace. The earrings in the middle from claire's were broken after first time wearing...I was pissed and now I need new ones *sigh*.
Aaand finally I want to wish a special person happy birthday. Kiryuuin Shou, vocal of my absolutely favorite band Golden Bomber turned 30.
In Japan already is the 20th June so I wish him all the best. The picture I found at Yutaka's Twitter a few hours cute!

Happy Birthday, Kirisho!

Love ya!

Hopefully I can see my band in September. Michi and I got tickets for both live days in Hiroshima but Michi won't get free so we will find another solution.