Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Recent gets

At the moment there's nothing special in my life to blog about. My netbook is broken, I got heavy influenza and I hadn't a social life last weeks but now I'm feeling a lot better.
In 8 weeks I will go back to Japan with Michi and I'm really looking forward to see my friends there.
But for now I want to show my recent gets since the beginning of the year.

On eBay I bought these very cheap brown boots. They were around 17 EUR included shipping and very comfy. I guess they will look good to romantic styles like Liz Lisa.
Can't await to wear them.

My friend Kaoru-chan went shopping for me at Liz Lisa. She made pictures and bought some clothes for me at sale but I'm happy to go shopping by myself in April with her.

So she bought for me that skirt, a white pullover [not on the pics] and that coat online. At the moment we were waiting for the coat and then Kaoru-chan will send it to me.

At 'Kleiderkreisel' I bought some clothes of one of my other favourite brands, Ma*rs. I was falling in love with a black coat with fitting skirt so I had to buy it.

I absolutely love that set even it's not warm enough for a cold winter day. I want to have spring so bad!

Also I bought a hardcase for my smartphone. I was a little bit angry 'cause for iPhone you get everything as a case but my Samsung isn't that popular so I had to buy something like that. I really want a Gachapin hardcase Q__________Q

Last week I got that letter from my friend Aya-chan. She send me this super cute new years card aaaand the new Golden Bomber single 'Dance my Generation' as a gift. I'm so happy. On the CD is also a very funny making of the PV.

And last: I got mail from coolJAPAN because of the Golden Bomber live we won at the Dance Campaign. Now I've got a fixed date. At 2nd August this year I will see the guys at Tokyo Nippon Budokan. I'm sooo happy happy happy (^O^)...