Montag, 12. August 2013

Small meet-up in Cottbus

I'm really late at this time with posting but last weeks were so stressful and a few days ago I just came back from my last Japan journey but before I will blog about Japan I wanted to share my Saturday in July with my GG-Glitter girls 'cause I had a lot of fun this day.
Some pictures I took from Lau's blog, like always...sorry, but the time will come I will be a busy photographer ha ha...NOT! xD

We wanted to spend our day in Cottbus to visit Senja and Goof so I met up with Lau, Hani and Mao in the morning to take the train.

After arriving and picking up the two girls at Senjas flat we went very hungry to an asian restaurant. In fact, somehow we were eating the whole day and went from one place to the other ha ha...
By the way, Senja gave me some An Cafe stuff and I was sooooo nyappy o(≧∀≦)o ...thank you so much. 

Then we decided to go to a small shopping center and had a look for some accessoires and bargains. I just bought a bangle and a necklace at New Yorker.

But of course after some time we got hungry again and I was looking forward to a coffee so we went to a café for relaxing and had some sweets.

my crepe with ice cream <3
funny Senja...I really love her!

Lau and I...
So we were refreshed and prepaired for taking pictures at a small park where we went afterwards.

My outfit that day was completely from d.i.a. I really love that top I bought in April in 1o9 and it was the first time wearing it.

The other girls looked sooo great, from left to right: our princess Senja, beautiful Hani, cutie Goof, awesome Lau and myself.

Also Mao joined our outfit shots even she's not into Gyaru and not circle member but I really like her, she's so kind, funny and I envy her 'cause she's so beautiful.

Senja and Hani ~ both are so beautiful
lovely Goof and I...she's sooo cute <3

blonde girls...why I look that small? o_O
Then we went to another restaurant 'cause some girls were hungry again before we moved to a cocktail bar where we talked and loughed a lot.

I had some Mojitos and shared a shisha with Mao. Was it cherry flavour? I can't remember but it was very nice to relax there even there were a strange guy getting on our nerves *lol*.

In the late evening Senja took us to the station 'cause we had to leave with the last train back to Berlin. Also Goof but she was going to another direction so we said goodbye to the girls.
It was such a great day 'cause all the girls are so lovely and I really hope to see them all again very soon.
So thank you for the nice time I had.