Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012

Last Saturday's retail therapy

I was very excited 'cause Lau and I met up tp search for the album of Golden Bomber.
The release was at 19th June in six different countries...allegedly.
So first we went to Alexanderplatz where's one of the biggest electronical market and we hoped to get some informations there.

That was me, full of hope. I wore the jeans that Lau 'destroyed' last weekend for first time. My hair looks messy on this pic [like always] because of the fucking wind this day.
At the information on the store they told us, that the album of Golden Bomber isn't available. It's an import article and I just thought WHAT THE FUCK?
So Lau called another shop and they approved that statement and told us, that they're really confused because of this. Us too!

After that I was frustrated...and hungry, so we went to shopping mall 'Alexa' and I ate some Chinese noodles with spring rolls and decided to go shopping for cheering us up.

At H&M we found nice printed shirts with 'I fancy the lead singer' and 'I prefer the drummer'. I had to buy the drummer-shirt for my friend Michi 'cause she likes Kenji, the drummer of Golden Bomber.

Lau took the other shirt and I was pissed 'cause the guitarist was missing so I bought both shirts and some other things.

Lau and me at the changing room. I've got a very dumb expression on my face o__O but Lau looks cute with that brown wig and that girlish styling.

I was also looking for a cute colorful shirt and I checked this at New Yorker but I don't bought it. Too much of pink and a little bit too cute ^^

At Tally Weijl I got this cute bag and also rings and a bracelet on sale.

At claire's I catched these glasses and earrings.

My shirts from H&M and earrings, bracelet and a belt. By the way, I haven't sent Michi that shirt already...I have to, I hope she'll like it.

Aaaand finally my red ballerina shoes which I got very cheap.

Oh, and also my ordered stockings from funny legs arrived recently. That shop has really cute stuff, nice stockings, tights and other things...

On the right are hold-up stockings and on the left a set with suspender stockings. I can't await to wear them.

That's how the left stockings should look.
So that's it. Tomorrow will be another soccer match from the German team and at weekend I have to work.
I guess I won't do another shopping trip again that days *lough*....

Take care!

Sonntag, 24. Juni 2012

女々しくて辛いよ ~ Making of our own PV

I don't know how and when I got the idea. Anyway, since my friends and I cosplayed Golden Bomber in March at LBM I wanted to make our own fanmade PV.
So during our stay at Michi's place last month we were ready for least more or less 'cause we only had two days to practise that dance together.

During our practise lessons we felt like rock stars and had a lot of beer and cigarettes *lol*...

Since my last trip to Japan I'm totally in love with Golden Bomber. 'Memeshikute' was the first song I've ever heard of them and the first PV I saw so it means a lot to me.
Our idea was to make that video in normal PV-outfits, in K-Pop outfits and we as girly ourselves.

We had to ask our good friend Sato-chan for filming and acting 'cause we wanted also to make some scenes from the opening and the cutscene in the bar.

cool Sato-chan

Sato-chan graduated to our Manager-kun at this time ha ha... She was sooo awesome. I love you >///<

I was giving the introductions. I seemed to be that spectacular that Michi was looking like she fall asleep and Sato-chan just was thinking 'What the fuck?' XD
Even it was very stressful we had a lot of fun this two days while we were acting together.


After all I had to cut our scenes into one video. It was sooo disgusting 'cause I worked out with 'Windumb' Movie Maker and it took weeks.
The result it not that good I expected. Quality is really poor but WMM is not the best programm.
So here's our own fanmade PV of Golden Bomber's 'Memeshikute'...
You think we're mad? So, let me tell you: Yes, we are! XD

Take care!

Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Got bombered and weekly weekend report

I'm totally done and through with myself at the moment 'cause yesterday I checked the homepage of my favourite band Golden Bomber.
I had the hope that they'll make some lives in August when I'm in Japan and the mail we got from euclid agency seems to be positive but then the shock:
They will have lives...but only as from o1.o9.
We will be in Japan till 3o.o8.
So that's a black moment of my life. I wished so hard to see them live on stage.

Before I will cry again about this I'll better post a few pics of my last weekend. Lau and I met up for having a look at the only Gina Tricot store we have here in Berlin.

But our first stop, of course, was the Tea One at Alexanderplatz to enjoy another bubble tea. This time I tried the strawberry yoghurt with mango bubbles. Delicious but too sweet in my opinion.

I look creepy XD

At Gina Tricot Lau and I found some nice stuff. I was looking for a mint green skirt and maybe I wanted to buy a white shirt and I had luck.

So I bought both and also I found a cute beltbag there. Lau catched a cute one piece which was on sale.

That was my coord this day. I was wearing my [fake!] fur fox tail for first time and I was playing the whole time with that thing >.< but I really love it.
After leaving Gina Tricot we went to Ring Center 'cause I had to buy a birthday present for my stepmother but at H&M I found another things I had to buy.
Here my shopping results for that day:

After shopping we had a break at Coffee Fellows. I ate a doughnut and had a chai latte, like always ^^

The café was empty so for first time we could choose a place to sit. That was really creepy and first we thought that the EM-soccer game Germany vs. Denmark will be on Saturday and not, like planned, on Sunday o__O
Our evening depended on relaxing and talking 'bout Golden Bomber and other things.

Next day started with breakfast while watching Dragon Ball Z on TV, like every Sunday.

I really love Dragon Ball since my childhood so I try to watch it every Sunday.
After breakfast Lau and I ordered some tights and socks from a German webshop. I hope the order will arrive soon 'cause I'm really excited to try out the stockings *O*
Then I got the idea to cut one of my jeans but I was too lazy so Lau made that work and I really like them.

The jeans I bought last year at Tally Weijl but at the moment I don't like to wear jeans. Maybe I'll give them now a new try.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Japan Day 2o12

The few days before Japan Day were very stressful to me and my friends. During the stay at Michi's place I went back to Berlin for 24 hours 'cause I visited a concert with my mother.
She's a big fan of the German singer Herbert Groenemeyer and it's a kind of tradition that we visit the concerts together.
Inbetween Lau created bows and other accessoires for that Saturday. Michi planned to make Bentos for us. And then the day has come.

It took about 3 hours to dress up. I wasn't able to dress up myself with that Yukata thing so I needed a lot of help from Michi and Lau.
Two days ago Lau and I dyed some new extensions into carnation pink and I love them a lot.

At the station we met some really colorful dressed and nice people who had the same destination like us so we shared a group ticket.

After our arrival at Duesseldorf we went through some shops. I had the hope to get the latest egg magazine but I wasn't lucky again >.<
The weather was sooo nice and we were happy 'cause the days before we had rain and it wasn't that warm.
So we made a picnic at the Rhein with Michis delicious self-made  food like onigiri, noodle salad and some matcha cookies.

After that refreshment we were prepared to enjoy that day and hurled ourself into the human bulks of visitors.

We were very sad 'cause we had to leave before the fireworks started. We had to catch the train back to Michis's place but for next year we evolved the perfect master plan so I'm looking forward to next Japan Day in Duesseldorf.

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Our trip to Duesseldorf

During our stay at Michi we decided to go one day to Duesseldorf by local train 'cause we all love that athmosphere there.
It was on Wednesday the 3oth May and our day started very early for pimping up ^^

My outfit for that day contained of leo-printed things like that top, my shoes and even my ring. So not that special but I felt good this day.
And thanks to Michi, she gave me that patterned tights because I forgot mine in Berlin.

I also wore lenses 'Barbie Eye' in violett and I found my perfect combination of lashes. Both are from claire's and I cutted some upper lashes and took them as lower lashes. I like it really much.

Our day started with relaxing breakfast at one of my favourite cafés in Gladbeck at Michi's hometown.
I had a latte macchiato with caramel and a salmon bagel.

Lau and Michi

Lau, Michi, Kirschu and I arrived at the station in time and went to Duesseldorf after that delicious breakfast.

Our first stop was at BoBoQ near the station. I ordered a caramel milk tea with tapioka.

My other girls also had a bubble tea. Please ignore my baaaad black nails, that are remains of our 'Memeshikute'-video shoot I'll report about another day, maybe when the cut is five years XD
Just kidding ^O^

So we strolled through the shops and Michi was looking for some Japanese bakeries to buy some delicious buns.
After that we visited the OCS store. I was really sad 'cause I can't find my egg magazine I wanted to get.
So I just bought an issue of KERA for that moment.
But we wanted also make some puricura and so here they are some of them:

It was fun and I like the puris with my beloved girls. 

After that we had a break at a cute café and I had a matcha latte there. So yummy!

Michi and I

cute Kirschu and Lau

Then we went shopping at H&M and there I got some new tights and two shirts, one from children's departement with a watermelon-eating Hello Kitty on it. Sooo cute, I'll show it next time.

In the late afternoon we had to go back to Gladbeck 'cause Michi wanted to go to her Japanese lesson.
On the way to the station we bought some onigiri at WARAKU. I was really happy 'cause they tasted like the onigiri we had in Japan last year. I had one with salmon mayo and one with tuna mayo *O*


At the station we had to say 'goodbye' to Kirschu 'cause she left us there after a great time for going back to her home in south Germany.
So that day was a wonderful ending but we saw her soon at Japan Day.

Next entry will be about Japan day. Stay tuned and take care!