Sonntag, 10. Juni 2012

Our trip to Duesseldorf

During our stay at Michi we decided to go one day to Duesseldorf by local train 'cause we all love that athmosphere there.
It was on Wednesday the 3oth May and our day started very early for pimping up ^^

My outfit for that day contained of leo-printed things like that top, my shoes and even my ring. So not that special but I felt good this day.
And thanks to Michi, she gave me that patterned tights because I forgot mine in Berlin.

I also wore lenses 'Barbie Eye' in violett and I found my perfect combination of lashes. Both are from claire's and I cutted some upper lashes and took them as lower lashes. I like it really much.

Our day started with relaxing breakfast at one of my favourite cafés in Gladbeck at Michi's hometown.
I had a latte macchiato with caramel and a salmon bagel.

Lau and Michi

Lau, Michi, Kirschu and I arrived at the station in time and went to Duesseldorf after that delicious breakfast.

Our first stop was at BoBoQ near the station. I ordered a caramel milk tea with tapioka.

My other girls also had a bubble tea. Please ignore my baaaad black nails, that are remains of our 'Memeshikute'-video shoot I'll report about another day, maybe when the cut is five years XD
Just kidding ^O^

So we strolled through the shops and Michi was looking for some Japanese bakeries to buy some delicious buns.
After that we visited the OCS store. I was really sad 'cause I can't find my egg magazine I wanted to get.
So I just bought an issue of KERA for that moment.
But we wanted also make some puricura and so here they are some of them:

It was fun and I like the puris with my beloved girls. 

After that we had a break at a cute café and I had a matcha latte there. So yummy!

Michi and I

cute Kirschu and Lau

Then we went shopping at H&M and there I got some new tights and two shirts, one from children's departement with a watermelon-eating Hello Kitty on it. Sooo cute, I'll show it next time.

In the late afternoon we had to go back to Gladbeck 'cause Michi wanted to go to her Japanese lesson.
On the way to the station we bought some onigiri at WARAKU. I was really happy 'cause they tasted like the onigiri we had in Japan last year. I had one with salmon mayo and one with tuna mayo *O*


At the station we had to say 'goodbye' to Kirschu 'cause she left us there after a great time for going back to her home in south Germany.
So that day was a wonderful ending but we saw her soon at Japan Day.

Next entry will be about Japan day. Stay tuned and take care!

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  1. I'll wait for the post for 5 years XXDDD
    ich will wieder nach Düsseldorf Q_____Q na ja eigentlich nach Japan aber Düsseldorf ist zweite Wahl XD
    You looked amazing *o*