Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012


Long time no see, I know, but last week I had vacation and I spent my free time at my friend Michi's place together with Lau and lot of other friends.
We had a great time and visited the Anime and Manga convention DoKomi, the Japan Day, went shopping in Duesseldorf and recorded a video.
I enjoyed that days really much and I will tell you about that week step by step but first entry starts with DoKomi in Duesseldorf.


The DoKomi weekend started with another Golden Bomber cosplay. Lau and I wore this outfits from the Memeshikute K-Pop PV already last year but this time we had a complete group thanks to Michi, she was cosplaying Kenji, and Kirschu who made Jun.

on the way

It was a lot of fun like always when I'm with my friends but when we arrived at the new location of the DoKomi we were really disappointed so I decided that it will be my last DoKomi.
I missed the warm ambience and they weren't eating or drinking stalls far and wide Q___Q

Golden Bomber

my girls and I

Michi as Kenji

Kirschu as Jun

Lau as Kirisho [older pic]

me as Yutaka [older pic]

On Sunday Lau, Sato and I cosplayed some characters of one of my favourite anime, Lovely Complex. I guess it's unknown here in Germany but I love the cute story.
A tall girl [172 cm], Risa Koizumi, is falling in love for a short guy [156 cm], Atsushi Otani.

Sato as Otani and me as Koizumi

It was difficult to look that big on our pictures we had taken 'cause I'm smaller than my friends ^^°

Sato-chan is sooo cool *O*

together with cute Lau as cute Seiko-chan

I don't have taken that much pictures from that event and I hope that Lau will forgive me that I took a lot of pics from her blog ^^
So that was my short report from DoKomi.
Next entry will follow soon and don't be scared, it will be not about cosplay.
Take care!

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