Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

Japan Day 2o12

The few days before Japan Day were very stressful to me and my friends. During the stay at Michi's place I went back to Berlin for 24 hours 'cause I visited a concert with my mother.
She's a big fan of the German singer Herbert Groenemeyer and it's a kind of tradition that we visit the concerts together.
Inbetween Lau created bows and other accessoires for that Saturday. Michi planned to make Bentos for us. And then the day has come.

It took about 3 hours to dress up. I wasn't able to dress up myself with that Yukata thing so I needed a lot of help from Michi and Lau.
Two days ago Lau and I dyed some new extensions into carnation pink and I love them a lot.

At the station we met some really colorful dressed and nice people who had the same destination like us so we shared a group ticket.

After our arrival at Duesseldorf we went through some shops. I had the hope to get the latest egg magazine but I wasn't lucky again >.<
The weather was sooo nice and we were happy 'cause the days before we had rain and it wasn't that warm.
So we made a picnic at the Rhein with Michis delicious self-made  food like onigiri, noodle salad and some matcha cookies.

After that refreshment we were prepared to enjoy that day and hurled ourself into the human bulks of visitors.

We were very sad 'cause we had to leave before the fireworks started. We had to catch the train back to Michis's place but for next year we evolved the perfect master plan so I'm looking forward to next Japan Day in Duesseldorf.


  1. yay ^o^ du hast unsere alkoholisierten Mitfahrer auf'm Foto XXDDD
    es war so ein schöner Tag <3

  2. So cute! You perfectly succeeded in wearing Yukata in gyaru style!

  3. You all look really good! :D
    I've always wanted to go to Japan Day in Düsseldorf, so I can't wait till it's next year~!