Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Nyappy with An Cafe

Last Tuesday I missed my Japanese class because my friends and I had tickets for the An Cafe live in my hometown Berlin.
Just some days before we heard about the changing of the location. Very confusing but Lau said it's normal *lough*...

In fact, I'm not that big fan of An Cafe. I bought the ticket in the early May because I thought I would never see my fav band Golden Bomber live. It was just some kind of stopgap. Of course, I heard of An Cafe and they're not unknown in the scene but I wasn't really interested in their music before.

I left work much more earlier that day 'cause I had to dress me up for that event. I wanted to try another much more colorful style fitting to that event.

So I wore tights from H&M with hearts, black skirt from Tally Weijl, shirts from New Yorker, pink blouse and leo-printed coat and fake creepers from H&M and my pink dyed strands and also a lot of accessories.

My cute hairslides from 'My little Pony' xD I bought them a few month ago in H&M kids department and it was the first time I used them.

After I finished Lau and I went to 'Lido', a club at Kreuzberg area, where the live took place.

It was fuckin' cold in the early evening and honestly we weren't in the mood for a live but it was nice to see each other and meeting some other people there, like our friend Bathsi.

The others were styled very colorful and there were also some strange people dressed with cosplays or bad wigs.

Lau met there her old friend Yomi and we waited together in that coldness. But it was really funny and later on also Bathsi arrived.

We also met Hani, another GG-Glitter circle member. Look at her good taste, she wore the same tights like me ha ha...

The live started at 8 p.m. Bathsi and I were standing at the bar with a warm coffee but later on we took place near the stage to dance.

The live was nice. The music was good and the members really funny and crazy. They spoke in a mix of German, English and Japanese with the fans. So cute!
I don't know just one song but I guess I will give them a chance and will buy an album of them at my next time in Japan.
We had a great time during the live and it was nice to spend it together with Lau, Bathsi and the others.
But I was a little bit disappointed about the guitarist Takuya.

He's a handsome guy but on stage he was very reserved and looked like just woken up or something -.-°
No comparison with Yutaka from Golden Bomber so I'm really looking forward to see my cuties live on stage next year in Japan. The live of them last August In Nagaoka was the best I've ever seen since now!

Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Long time no see but I'm still totally lazy...maybe it's the cold, dark season why I'm so unenthusiastic at the moment but there's no reason 'cause life is great ^O^
In December my friend Kaoru-chan from Tokyo will visit me for two days, next week is the An Cafe concert and in four month I will be in Japan again twice.
So things couldn't be better.

But this post won't be that interesting. I was tagged by Fuyu some time ago. I don't really like to be tagged but Fuyu is such a cute and kind person that I decided to do that post right now.


  • Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves
  • They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them
  • They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag
  • They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers
  • These lucky bloggers must be told
  • Tagging back is not allowed 

11 more or less interesting things about myself ^^°

○ I don't like cats.
○ My job is really boyish, I'm selling car parts.
○ My thoughts also are some kind of boyish 'cause I don't like lovey-dovey things, I like fighting games and soccer  and I feel more comfy in the presence of guys.
○ Ten years ago I was the mascot of a local soccer team called Miss Germania [some kind of a God xD]
○ I'm too kindhearted *sigh*.
○ I'm fascinated of paranormal things.
○ I'm afraid of spiders and thunderstorms.
○ When I was younger I was playing guitar but I'm the worst singer of the world.
○ I totally adore to read J.R.R Tolkien and I love the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy.
○ I never ever want to have children and get married.
○ I love GOLDEN BOMBER *O* 'cause the guys are awesome and in my opinion Kyan Yutaka is the sexiest man alive.
Fuyu's Questions
  1. How do you save the environment or contribute for? Honestly...there's nothing what I'm doing to save the environment but I wish would do.
  2. How many concerts did you already have visited? Oh dear...there were a lot. I'm visiting concert since I was ten years old.
  3. Do you have a best friend? No, I don't have THAT best friend but I have some really good friends.
  4. Which haircolor do you want to try? I would like to try some caramel brown but my blonde hair is too damaged, another haircolor wouldn't long exist xD
  5. Do you often have prejudices with respect to other people? No, not really 'cause nobody is perfect.
  6. Do you have pets? I'm living alone and I'm working the whole day so I only have some fishes.
  7. What's your favorite season? I prefer summer. I don't like darkness, rain or snow and I love warm temperatures ^^
  8. Do you like to play console games during your freetime? I don't have enough time but I really like horror games like Silent Hill or Haunting Ground, also I like Tekken, Final Fantasy and still Pokémon.
  9. Do you like to be tagged by others? I HATE it! xD
  10. Which trait do you like mostly of yourself? Honesty!
  11. How will you spend your New years eve this year? It's a kind of tradition that I will go to Ruhr area and spend the time there with my best friends.

So...thanx for reading. And thanks to cute Fuyu for that award I'm breaking the rules 'cause I don't want to tagg other people xD
See ya!

Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Gyaru-sa meet up

My entry is very late, the meet up was two weeks ago ^^°
Since a few weeks I'm part of a new founded circle called GG-Glitter. I thought it could be nice to meet some people with same interests and so on even I don't call myself gyaru. I don't have the skills to be gyaru but I really love the fashion and culture ^O^

I had to work on Saturday so Lau picked me up after and we went together to the japanese restaurant called Makoto.
It was crowded and the waiters busy like hell but always friendly and the meals were like at real Japan.

I had one of the best Yakisoba ever so I really can recommend the Makoto to everyone who loves japanese food or visit Berlin.

We were around 12 people and a colourful group but when A-chan arrived with an issue of men's spider I was occupied with that magazine 'cause it was the issue with Kyan Yutaka.

After leaving the restaurant we went to Neo Tokyo. But I wasn't lucky that day, last men's spider was bought by Tine Q__Q and egg were bought by others...
Really bad day! But I told Kaoru-chan to buy the latest egg when she will come to Germany in December ^^

Last two pictures were taken from A-chans facebook. After that small photo session Fuyu and Thanan left and the rest of us went to Crepestation.
It is a small café where they made crepes in japanese style. Also they have matcha latte. I really love that café and I'm happy, that we have something like that in Berlin.
So I ate a kiwi-strawberry crepe but I forgot to take a pic.

My coord that day: Ma*rs, tights Primark, shoes off brand. And I recognized that I have to cut my bang [did it on Friday] and have to dye my hairlines >.<° so I look messy on the pics *sigh*...
But the day was nice and I'm looking forward to the next meet.

This Friday I wanted to go to another K-Pop party in Berlin. I was soooo happy about that event and I prepared coord and extensions and finally I got ill and felt like shit so I wasn't able to join. WHY THAT FRIDAY! DAMN!
I'm really sad and pissed about it. Fucking cold!
I really really hope that there will be another party here even I heard the next one will be in Hamburg.

And recent news: I got mail from Golden Bomber Dance Olympic Campaign where I won the concert visit. They wrote that the next tour of the cuties will be in... MARCH!

I was like:

Remember? My next jouney to Japan is planned for 29th March... so it seems that I will go to Japan in March twice....Can't believe it!