Sonntag, 1. Mai 2016

A wonderful day with my best friends

In February I had a wonderful weekend with my best friends. It's impossible to meet them often all together 'cause two of them are not living in Berlin so it was a rare and happy event for me.

My friend Michi who is living in Duesseldorf stayed for 3 nights at my place, Senja from Cottbus just one and Lau we met in the city 'cause she's living in Berlin.
I prepared myself that day carefully (lovely Senja did my hair), we wanted to do some purikura that day.

Michi had some special things in her luggage: our Golden Bomber tour DVDs from 2015 (regular version and special Kiryūin Shō version) and a really cute surprise, a Gachapin scrunchie from my friend Kirschu.
I haven't seen Kirschu for a long time and I really miss her!

But there was another surprise: Senja gave Michi and me a pre Valentine's present and we sreamed so much.
We got a selfmade Golden Bomber plush, Kenji for Michi and Kirisfor me. This was sooo cute, I really love my chibi Baby <3

The plush has very cute details like just one hairy arm pit *lol* I was so happy about such a cute present!

shorts: d.i.a.
top: Garula
sweater: Garula
boots: Flag-J (Shibuya 1o9)

Senja, Michi and I met Lau at Charlottenburg station and went together to J-Store Berlin. There is one of Germanys two purikura machines.
But beside the purikura we took a lot of other pictures that day.

Senja and I

Michi and I

Senja and I decided to dress up Michi in Sweet Gyaru look. Unfortunately the extensions weren't the right color so Senja did a cute short curly hairdo.
Michi isn't Gyaru but I think it suits her very well! It was a trial for the coming book fair in Leipzig.

Lau and I

We had a lot of fun doing purikura. In fact I don't like it to take some and I have sooo many sheets I collected the last years. What the hell should I do with them? Do you ever look at your purikura again months ago?

But this time I like the result 'cause it's so great that my best friends are united at one picture. Michi and Lau decorated.

We did one last picture inside the puri machine and decided to have lunch after that.
On the street a few metres away from the J-Store there's a small Japanese restaurant called Udagawa.
From the outside it looks very unimpressive but the food was delicious!

I took the lunch menue with Miso soup and a fantastic Katsudon! I really can recommend this place so if you're on the way to make purikura in Berlin and get hungry, try out this restaurant.
(No, I don't get money for the promotion, ha ha....)

We are beautiful!

After lunch we went back to Alexanderplatz. We wanted to have a look at some stores like Primark, New Yorker and big shopping center Alexa.

my soulmate Senja and I xD
At New Yorker we tried on ear hoodies in 4 different colors. I love that picture so much!

After shopping we were so done that we needed a coffee at Coffee Fellows. To me it's the best thing in my life to sit there with friends and drink coffee. Sounds boring but I love that!

In the evening we said goodbye to Lau and went to my place. We still had a lot of things to do! At first Michi and I tried the fragrance body smell cards from all 4 member of Golden Bomber which was an extra at the last single 'Shinda tsuma ni niteiru' while Senja recorded it with my smartphone.
It was soooo funny.

After that we watched our new Golden Bomber tour 2015 DVD for the first time and had a lot of alcohol! It's the best thing to watch it with Senja and Michi.
I had such a great day with my friends and I really hope to see them all soon together!