Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

11th day ~ Odaiba and Ebisu

Helloooo again... only a few posts left until I will be finished with my report about my journey to Japan and only two months left until my next one so I guess I have to hurry a little bit LOL

On Tuesday Michi and I decided spontaneously to visit Odaiba. It's just a few stations away from our hotel so we took the train and it's everytime amazing again when you drive over the Rainbow Bridge.
First we visited the Fuji TV building again.

But this year was the first time we entered the ground floor and had a look inside. There were small shops inside and OMFG! a lot of Gachapin stuff everywhere! I was so excited!

There were some grappler machines but, as always, I hadn't luck even I spent a few 100 ¥ *sigh*... so no Gachapin, no Mukku, just a big nothing.
So we strolled through the shops and there I found some merchandise.

It was sooo hard to decide and I had to calm down... I just wanted to buy everything LOL

Finally I bought a cup, a towel, some cute stickers, two biros and a file I'm using now for my Japanese class. My teacher, a native Japanese, was smiling when he saw it for first time xD

The weather was great that day, just really really stormy again. But we had a great view to the Rainbow Bridge and after a short rest we went to Aqua City Center, a big shopping mall.

So we had a look in some shops but bought nothing special there. Of course we entered the Disney Store but I'm not that big fan of Disney stuff so I just took some pictures.

The Stitch-plushies were so cute but I didn't have enough space in my luggage for him HA HA...
Nearby the City Center we found a small game center in another building and Michi and I decided to make purikura... freely... I guess I was mad that day xD

It was not crowd but my coord that day was boring, my hair messy 'cause of stormy storm but it was funny together with Michi. And I really like the purikura.

After that we took a break at Tully's Café for chatting and I had a matcha latte there while Michi took some honey latte.

'Gone with the wind'...or something like that LOL
In the afternoon we went back to Hamamatsu-chou and had a brief stop at the Pokémon Center nearby our station. I was looking for a Flareon figure for a friend but they only had plushies at this time so without buying anything I went back to hotel for preparing myself for the evening while Michi took a walk at our area alone.

I wore my new d.i.a. sweater and old skirt in the evening 'cause we wanted to meet Kaoru-chan at Ebisu Station for going to Yokocho again and watch the cute waitor.
But I was kind of nervous so I said that I need some BEER before and so we went to another Izakaya first.

We had some starters and some drinks. I was a little bit disappointed about the Tamagoyaki, it wasn't that good like at other restaurants.
But I got cigarettes for free from a promotion girl and happy Kiki was happy.

streets of Ebisu
Around 10 we left and went to Yokocho. Luckily we got a place there but I was really sad 'cause Keigo was working that time on the other side of the restaurant but he remembered me, came at our table and said 'konbanwa'. I was melting when he smiled *sigh*.

But there were a lot of interesting and funny people that evening. One group of guys were posing for us while Michi took pictures.

Of course we ordered some dishes like fried chicken and gyouza, a looot of BEER and Michi got her beloved calhua milk again.

cute Michi
Behind us were two other guys. One was from Osaka, he was sooo funny and we loughed a lot. He took pictures of Kaoru-chan and me [Michi was hiding xD] and posted it on his facebook LOL
This evening was really cool. After the sixth BEER I got the courage to give Keigo-san a letter while paying the bill and then after seperating from Kaoru-chan we left with the last train and went back to our hotel.

But don't thing that we went to bed! In front of our hotel I wanted to smoke a last cigarette. There was also an American guy smoking and my nature is to get in contact with strangers really fast so we talked a little bit and he invited us for a drink.
After a short refreshing at our room we went to the small bar which was really close to our hotel.
The athmosphere there was nice and Scott, the American who lives in Japan, introduced Tatsuya to us and we talked a lot...and I had another BEER...or two? I dunno >.<

the cute bar
Tatsuya and Scott
Scott and I went smoking a few times and it was nice to talk to a foreigner who lives in Japan for working. In the end he played some songs on a keyboard and it really was a great day.

Finally I was drunken and just wanted to have my bed. We said 'oyasumi' to Scott and Tatsuya after a few hours and I dunno if it was early or late when we were back at our hotel.
But the whole day was just great.

Sonntag, 26. Mai 2013

10th day ~ Shin-Ōkubo and a looong walk

Hellooo everybody. Genki?
I feel not so well at the moment but I've got to post about the last days in Japan. I'm happy about that memories and I'm happy to be in Japan again in August for some days.
Also there's nothing else to blog about atm so I continue with Tokyo now.

On Monday Michi and I were alone and so we decided to visit some areas we haven't seen yet. So Michi made a plan to visit Shin Ōkubo, also called 'Korea town', a really popular district.

Michi reminded me to take an outfit picture. It was not that special, I was wearing Garula that day, Ma*rs cardigan and my good old tights...I was wondering how long I will keep it without a ladder ha ha...

So after breakfast we took the Yamanote Line from Hamamatsu-chou. I realized that everything you need in Tokyo is just Yamanote Line LOL and I really miss something like this in Berlin...It's cute that every station has their own departure melody.

There were a lot of shops and restaurants. We entered a cosmetic shop. It was interesting cause I read and heard a lot about that kind of shops but we just looked and hadn't bought anything.
Also, everywhere you look, pictures with K-Pop idols and shops with music stuff.

I dislike K-Pop and the look of the guys is so... clear and greasy so I made a joke and took that picture with some Idols...Michi and the shop staff were loughing sooo hard.
Michi is really into Korean music, lifestyle and so on so for her that area was much more interesting.
But finally we ended up in a Japanese 100 ¥ shop where Michi bought some cosmetics and I lashes glue 'cause one of my lashes didn't like the strong wind that day and a cute Gachapin case.

Michi wasn't that happy 'cause she hadn't find a Korean supermarket and so we left that area and had a long long walk directly to Shinjuku station. The weather was great and it was nice. We passed Kabukichō, Shinjukus red light district, but we hadn't the courage to walk through...for THAT time xD

At the station we took a short rest and I went to smoking area for a cigarette. Then we thought about where we go next.
We took Yamanote to Harajuku and then we walked down Omotesando dori 'cause Michi wanted to look there for some sweets shops she read about.

We passed a cute shrine where we had a look. Some cherry blossoms there were still blooming and it's always fascinating to find such a peaceful place inbetween lively Tokyo.

At Omotesando were a lot of designer stores but Michi wasn't lucky that day, she can't find her shop she wanted to visit. She was a little bit disappointed that day so we went after another walk to an Excelsior Café and had some matcha latte, Michi the iced form and I took a hot one.
Finally we came out at Shibuya.

So we strolled a little bit through the streets and shops and also we went to Tokyu Hands again. Michi wanted to buy another bento box she had seen a few days before but it wasn't in stock that time. Poor Michi, it wasn't her day.
But I found a cute sticker album and I bought it for my puricura.

my sticker album and Gachapin case
To make herself happy Michi bought a piece of cake at a small shop at the crossing of Shibuya. But all in all I really liked that day. The weather was nice, it was fine and interesting to walk through different districts and I saw a lot.

Michi buying her cake
After a long day we went back to Hamamatsu-chou and went for dinner to our beloved Udon-ya near our hotel and after that I had something to do:

I wrote my prepared letter at that cute stationary I bought the day before.
It was my first letter in Japanese and I tried so hard to write clear. 
Michi was my test reader...she wasn't satisfied with my て and
but in the end she were able to read it so I guess I did it well.

See ya next time!