Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

8th day ~ my pre-birthday party

Aya-chan and I were tired from the day before so we went back to hotel after breakfast for a nap while Michi was meeting Kyoji-san again in Asakusa for a Kimono walk what was held there that day.
In the afternoon I begun to dress up 'cause we wanted to celebrate my birthday- kind of early 'cause my real birthday was five days later.
And it was no good idea 'cause it started raining like hell in the afternoon.

At 8 o'clock we wanted to met Kaoru-chan in Shibuya. Because of heavy rain some trains were out of running and so Hiroshi who is from Yokohama quitted.

First we went to a bar. It wasn't my cup of tea 'cause it reminded me of bars in Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg. I prefer more Japanese styled bars. Also it was really expensive so we just had some starters and coffee.

But I was happy to have my beloved girls around me, Aya-chan, Kaoru-chan and Michi. We left after two hours and swam a few streets to stop at a more traditional bar.

It was very small and we sat close to each other but I liked it, BEER was cheap and they had our 'normal' Japanese food so we felt well there.
Later on Kase-chan and Haruya arrived. My heart was beating fast 'cause I was excited to see Haruya again after seven month.

So the party could start and we ordered drinks and dishes. And it was funny that Haruya already remembered some German words, especially 'pissen'...I know, it's a rude word but it's so cute how Japanese pronounce it xD

Around midnight we had to leave 'cause the bar was closing but going home was not an option so Haruya called Uti, another friend we already know from last year who knows a dancing bar at that area.

It still rained like hell so we took shelder at the next Family Mart, made some spastic pictures and waited for Uti who took us to the bar.

The bar was sooo cute and I felt a little bit like I would be in the caribbean. Maybe a bar in Tortuga *lol*...

funny Kase-chan, Uti and me
The music was nice, we had a lot of drinks and finally we danced a lot. Haruya is a really good dancer and Michi made some videos.

I look sooo weird xD
I was glad to have a short moment alone with him even I was too nervous to speak Japanese...bad idea 'cause he can't speak English so we just stand outside, I put my head on his shoulder and it was so peaceful for me.

Haruya and Uti
We had a really really funny night and I was happy to spend it with that people. Around 3:30 a.m. we had to leave 'cause Haruya had to write an exam next day and we were really tired.
So we went back together to Shibuya Station and Michi, Aya-chan, Kaoru-chan and I took a taxi to our hotel.

Kase-chan is a bad photographer *lol*
Kaoru-chan also spent the night at our hotel and shared the bed with Michi while I was shearing mine with Aya-chan like always.
And I won't know how much money I spent for taxis that weeks HA HA...

See ya!

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  1. Ahahaha, oh wie niedlich ihr beiden da draußen nebeneinander steht. :D <3