Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

A successful Saturday

Last weekend I met up with my friend Lau again for enjoying the fresh spring and shopping again.
First we travelled [without the guy from 'The Lord of the Rings *lough*] to Neo Tokyo store 'cause I wanted to have another KERA issue.
At the moment I like colorful clothing so I wanted to inspire myself but I had't luck. KERA was sold out but I found an old egg and got them for 4 EUR.

Then we had a short stop at Tea One, the Bubble Tea Shop in the underground of the Alexanderplatz station.

I think I'm addicted to that stuff and I tried out passion fruit with pineapple jelly. It was very tasty. Lau had some caramel with strawberry bubbles.

With our drinks we decided to go to Ring Center for looking at the shops and I had to buy some feed for my fishes.

That was my outfit for shopping. A baba-chan said that I'm looking like Boy George with this hat. WTF? I love my hat. But she also said that we're cute X3
At the moment I hate my hair sooo much, I have to dye my hair and kill the last remains of my black streaks.

At jumex Lau and I found this really stylish fur bag. It was reduced and they wanted to have only 15 EUR. Lau wanted to have one, too but she was kind and gave me the primacy to buy that bag. Thank you sooo much.

I also found that cute necklace with colorful ducks at Tally Weijl. I don't know why I like such colorful things at the moment, maybe it's the new spring or something else.

At H&M I bought two pair of sandals 'cause I couldn't decide. I wanted to have them for months and now I'm really happy.

With a hot white chocolate and my beloved chai latte we chilled, chatted and took a look at my egg issue.

Oh, and my Nene wig arrived...too late ^^°

Take care!

Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Book Fair ~ Sunday

This is just a last and short entry about our last day in Leipzig. Our day started again with a relaxed breakfast buffet.
Back in our room we had to dress up as hottest Visual Kei band ever, Golden Bomber. Beside we were watching the weekly kids program on RTL 2, Dragon Ball and really really bad dubbed Naruto.
Michi's make up for Kenji took about an hour but the result was so gorgeous, I wanted to cry when our whole group was together.

I was so happy and very impressed that a lot of people recognized us. I thought, Golden Bomber is unknown here in Germany but I was mistaken.

Lau as Kiryuuin Shou

Kirschu as Utahiroba Jun

Michi as Darvish Kenji

me as Kyan Yutaka

It was such a nice day and I had a lt of fun with my beloved friends. Before Kirschu left we tried out to record the 'Memeshikute'-dance but we failed x___X

So we decided to meet up at the next convention and will start the next attempt. But we have to practice until we start again (^O^)

Thanks to my friends for that wonderful weekend I had. The next entry won't be about cosplay and such things so stay tuned and take care!

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

Book Fair ~ Saturday

After that really stressless Friday our day started with the much longed-for breakfast buffet. It was dainty but I was so sad that they didn't had scrambled eggs (´Д` )
Then we dressed up for cosplay. My mood was at a really low point because the wig for my planned cosplay didn't arrived in time.

I wanted to make Nene Amano from Digimon Xros Wars.
The outfit is too cute, it's pink and the skirt is sooo lovely. I had bought the perfect lenses and I wanted to wear fake lashes and be girly but....
That fuxxxing wig came one week too late.

Anyways, the weather was nice and when we arrived at the exhibition area we were excited and full of delight.
I wore once more my Daisuke Motomiya cosplay, Lau was Kirihia Aonuma from Digimon Xros Wars, my actually cosplay partner and Michi dressed up as Ruby Moon, a Card Captor Sakura character.

The fair was crammed full of people, I guess it was never such a mighty concourse of people ever.
But we had fun and it was nice to meet old friends, to have fun and make some pictures.

The biggest surprise for me was the appearance of my Nii-chan -Padfoot- because we didn't know that she is at the fair. I was so happy to see her and I persuaded her to stay until Sunday.
She surprised us with a Peter Pan cosplay.

In the early afternoon Lau and I decided to switch into our scruffy outfits from Golden Bomber. Lau was the Tamiya-shirt wearing guy Kirisho and I wore an outfit from my beloved Kyan Yutaka.
Another friend, Kirschu, made a basic outfit from Junjun. Only a Kenji was missed.

The day was a lot of fun but we were looking forward to the Sunday and our official Golden Bomber Memeshikute-PV outfits.

Montag, 19. März 2012

A relaxed Friday in Leipzig

On Friday morning I woke up at 7 o'clock but not for going to work. That weekend I wanted to go to the book fair in Leipzig with my friends and I met Lau and Michi at the main station for catching the ICE to Leipzig.
The day was beautiful, blue heaven, warm sunlight and I smelled spring in the air.
After arrival we threw our baggage at the hotel and decided to go to the city centre.

We had a big mirror in our room so I made a photo of my very unspectacular outfit that day but I liked it:
I wore a checked shirt and very very old jeans hotpants from Tally Weijl, grey overknees and a lot of adornment.

Our room had two floors, Michi settled down at the ground floor and Lau and I took the two beds upstairs. It wasn't that big but very comfortable.

A lot of people enjoyed the fantastic weather so the streets were full of cheerful people and exhibition visitors.
Our plan was to walk through the city and took a look at the shops.

 Michi and I with gorgeous old buildings in the background. I love the inner-city area of Leipzig.

At the shop 'New Steinbruch' I found some nice stuff like this white shirt. I wanted to have it.

That onepiece was cute, too but I guess it was too long and doesn't looked good on me Q___Q

But I found a lot of other cute things: that white shirt with 'beautiful'-print, cheap eyelashes from claire's, black zebra-striped tights from H&M, black earrings from orsay, earrings with cute pandas and earrings and necklace with watermelon from claire's 'cause j'aime les pastèques (^O^)

After shopping we wanted to have a break in an ice café but we haven't found a place outside so we had to take a place inside of the café.
I had a big fat cake with latte macchiato caramel and it was delicious.

In the evening we had delicious food at an Indian restaurant and the lamb curry was a nice finish of that wonderful day with my friends.
Next entry will be about the book fair and cosplay so stay tuned and take care!

Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Some and other things

This is just a short entry. Tomorrow I will go to Leipzig for weekend with my friends and I'm really looking forward to see them all even I don't feel very well at the moment.
But the reason for this entry is another:


That cutie was born 27 years ago and I hope he will bring us joy for many many more years as (air XDD) guitarist of Golden Bomber.
Lots of love and all the best to him.


Apart from that I ordered some lenses that week. One pair of them are 'real' circle lenses called Barbie Eye and I wanted to have them for a cosplay that I wanted to wear but my wig doesn't arrive in time so I'm really really pissed at the moment.

 They are violet and I want to try them out so hard. I also bought grey lenses and cheap fake eye lashes. That lashes are great, I trialed them in September for first time and I loved them.
Unfortunately I forgot the brand and can't find them anymore but thanks to my friend Lau now I can remember and I'm happy.

Take care!

Sonntag, 11. März 2012

Short weekend review

That was another free weekend for me and I was so lucky but when I woke up in the morning and I took a look out of the window I felt a little bit depressed 'cause it was grey and rainy.
Where the hell is the spring? I'm missing the warm sunlight and the flowers. Everything is still colorless at the moment.

But my depression about that weather was flowing away quickly. I was excited 'cause that day I wanted to meet up Aya, my japanese mail friend, for first time.
She is studying German and English here in Berlin. Beforehand I had thousands of thoughts, how to say 'hello', what should I say to her, how will it be but as we met in the early afternoon she was sooo kind and so cute and gave me a hug and the ice was finally broken (^O^).

Aya wanted to buy some toys for her niece and her nephew so we went first to SPIELE MAX, a big toy store near my home.

There were such cute things that we wanted to be children at this moment. Aya was happy I guess, she found some stuff for the kids.

I took that cute Hello Kitty key chain with me, I had to. It was too cute.

After that we decided to go to good old shopping center Ring Center. I had to look for a silver belt for next weekend's cosplay but at the beginning we took a seat at Café Fellow's.
Aya had strawberry and vanilla icecream with latte macchiato and I had an apple cake with my beloved chai latte.

It was really cool. We chatted about Germany, about Japan, about daily things and I was happy 'cause Aya is such a nice person. We talked in English and a little bit in German 'cause my bad Japanese is better than the good >.<
But we understood each other and loughed a lot.
After that longer break we had a walk through the shops like H&M, Tally Weijl and ~hell yeah~ I found a belt at New Yorker with Aya's help.

Cute Aya and me.
It was a nice day at all and I hope to see her soon again.

Next weekend I'll be at Book Fair in Leipzig. I guess I'll make an entry about that event.
So take care and don't do anything stupid ^^

Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Spring is back in town

This Saturday my friend Lau and me met up for shopping [again ^^°] 'cause I needed some things for my next cosplay at Book Fair Leipzig in two weeks.
My friends and I decided a few months ago to cosplay the Memeshikute-PV-version from our guys of Golden Bomber. Yeah, nobody knows so look at this XD

Anyways, the weather was quite nice, it was sunny and warmer than the last days so we went to Ku'damm 'cause we don't wanted to see another shopping center from inside.
So we met at Alexanderplatz to go together by train but first we had a stop at Bubble Tea Bar Tea One.
I wanted to try out the Matcha flavour sooo bad so I took one with strawberry bubbles.

The left one is that Matcha-thing, Lau has got banana [I think oO] with strawberry bubbles, too.
They had other new flavours but I don't remember. Next time I'll find out and have a taste ^^

As we arrived the Kurfürstendamm it was sooo full of people and tourists, I guess they had all the same idea. But we enjoyed the sun and strolled from one shop to the other.

In the 'Steinbruch', one of my favourite shops from that area, we found a lot of nice stuff and had to try on different clothes.

shopping fever ^O^

That jeans mini is so cute with that chain belt and it fits so perfectly that I had to buy that skirt. I don't like the blinking drops on it. But if I will be bored some time I will take them off.
That shirt is cute, too. I had seen it in different style magazines like egg or Ranzuki but I left it in the shop. Even now I'm annoyed about that *sigh*...

Lau and me at H&M. I like my outfit. I  became strange glances all day because of my overknees I guess but who cares. Just my hair is really stupid at the moment, I want to have back my bang and I hope my work mate will have time next week to cut it.

We had short breaks at Mc Donald's and Starbucks. My feet were burning.

At the end I got a grey jeans for my Yutaka-Cos and some adornment parts like bracelets and chains. I hope it will work together.
My friend Lau will sew for me the shirt. Thank you so much, honey <3

Baibaiiii ^^