Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

Some and other things

This is just a short entry. Tomorrow I will go to Leipzig for weekend with my friends and I'm really looking forward to see them all even I don't feel very well at the moment.
But the reason for this entry is another:


That cutie was born 27 years ago and I hope he will bring us joy for many many more years as (air XDD) guitarist of Golden Bomber.
Lots of love and all the best to him.


Apart from that I ordered some lenses that week. One pair of them are 'real' circle lenses called Barbie Eye and I wanted to have them for a cosplay that I wanted to wear but my wig doesn't arrive in time so I'm really really pissed at the moment.

 They are violet and I want to try them out so hard. I also bought grey lenses and cheap fake eye lashes. That lashes are great, I trialed them in September for first time and I loved them.
Unfortunately I forgot the brand and can't find them anymore but thanks to my friend Lau now I can remember and I'm happy.

Take care!

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  1. happy birthday Kyan Yutaka ^^°
    und Kopf hoch wegen der Perü!!!! It's just cosplay!!! We'll have a great time nevertheless!!! (nur Schade um das Geld!)
    <3 chu~