Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Spring is back in town

This Saturday my friend Lau and me met up for shopping [again ^^°] 'cause I needed some things for my next cosplay at Book Fair Leipzig in two weeks.
My friends and I decided a few months ago to cosplay the Memeshikute-PV-version from our guys of Golden Bomber. Yeah, nobody knows so look at this XD

Anyways, the weather was quite nice, it was sunny and warmer than the last days so we went to Ku'damm 'cause we don't wanted to see another shopping center from inside.
So we met at Alexanderplatz to go together by train but first we had a stop at Bubble Tea Bar Tea One.
I wanted to try out the Matcha flavour sooo bad so I took one with strawberry bubbles.

The left one is that Matcha-thing, Lau has got banana [I think oO] with strawberry bubbles, too.
They had other new flavours but I don't remember. Next time I'll find out and have a taste ^^

As we arrived the Kurfürstendamm it was sooo full of people and tourists, I guess they had all the same idea. But we enjoyed the sun and strolled from one shop to the other.

In the 'Steinbruch', one of my favourite shops from that area, we found a lot of nice stuff and had to try on different clothes.

shopping fever ^O^

That jeans mini is so cute with that chain belt and it fits so perfectly that I had to buy that skirt. I don't like the blinking drops on it. But if I will be bored some time I will take them off.
That shirt is cute, too. I had seen it in different style magazines like egg or Ranzuki but I left it in the shop. Even now I'm annoyed about that *sigh*...

Lau and me at H&M. I like my outfit. I  became strange glances all day because of my overknees I guess but who cares. Just my hair is really stupid at the moment, I want to have back my bang and I hope my work mate will have time next week to cut it.

We had short breaks at Mc Donald's and Starbucks. My feet were burning.

At the end I got a grey jeans for my Yutaka-Cos and some adornment parts like bracelets and chains. I hope it will work together.
My friend Lau will sew for me the shirt. Thank you so much, honey <3

Baibaiiii ^^


  1. noooo, it was mango flavour >___<.... banana was sold out ^o^
    cool mal alle bisher vorhandenen Teile vom Cosplay zu sehen XD
    ...deine Pompons sind schöner als meine -.-°

  2. Hey, it's Yu-chan ^0^/

    The mini skirt you bought is what you told me in the last mail, isn't it?
    It's so cool and suit your atmosphere♥
    Yutaka is a lucky guy to be deeply loved by you XD
    Have fun!