Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

A successful Saturday

Last weekend I met up with my friend Lau again for enjoying the fresh spring and shopping again.
First we travelled [without the guy from 'The Lord of the Rings *lough*] to Neo Tokyo store 'cause I wanted to have another KERA issue.
At the moment I like colorful clothing so I wanted to inspire myself but I had't luck. KERA was sold out but I found an old egg and got them for 4 EUR.

Then we had a short stop at Tea One, the Bubble Tea Shop in the underground of the Alexanderplatz station.

I think I'm addicted to that stuff and I tried out passion fruit with pineapple jelly. It was very tasty. Lau had some caramel with strawberry bubbles.

With our drinks we decided to go to Ring Center for looking at the shops and I had to buy some feed for my fishes.

That was my outfit for shopping. A baba-chan said that I'm looking like Boy George with this hat. WTF? I love my hat. But she also said that we're cute X3
At the moment I hate my hair sooo much, I have to dye my hair and kill the last remains of my black streaks.

At jumex Lau and I found this really stylish fur bag. It was reduced and they wanted to have only 15 EUR. Lau wanted to have one, too but she was kind and gave me the primacy to buy that bag. Thank you sooo much.

I also found that cute necklace with colorful ducks at Tally Weijl. I don't know why I like such colorful things at the moment, maybe it's the new spring or something else.

At H&M I bought two pair of sandals 'cause I couldn't decide. I wanted to have them for months and now I'm really happy.

With a hot white chocolate and my beloved chai latte we chilled, chatted and took a look at my egg issue.

Oh, and my Nene wig arrived...too late ^^°

Take care!

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  1. baba-chan was right ^o^
    also nicht mit Boy George aber süß bist du doch
    kawaiiiiii <3