Montag, 9. April 2012

Get ready for the next battle

found that on DA ~ so cute
First of all: HAPPY EASTER to everyone (^O^)
This is the last day that's free...not for me, I have to work so I wasn't able to see my family this days.
But I had nice days even the weather was sooo horrible, it really snowed on Saturday.
Where the hell is spring?

 On Saturday I met Lau. First we went to Alexanderplatz to drink some Bubble Tea at Tea One.
I had a caramel milk tea with tapioca...sooo tasty.
After that addiction we had a stop at our good old Ring Center.
Lau was searching for a skirt that is fitting for her new shirt she bought last weekend.

My outfit that day was very colorful. Maybe it was a rebellion against that bad grey weather outside. And it was sooo cold that I wore some kind of gloves.

At H&M I found this nice shirt beside another really simple shirt and a simple sweater that was reduced.

Actually I was looking for some one pieces and I tried out that one but it doesn't suit me well so until it's summer I have to find a better one.

But I found nice golden earrings at H&M and Tally Weijl and I couldn't decide so I bought both.
At H&M Lau and I got a 5,- EUR voucher for our next shopping there. I was so happy.

After shopping we had a stop at an asian snack bar and I had some very very spicey chicken in a cocos-curry sauce but sooo delicious.

At a drugstore I bought some new colors of nailpolish, one green, pink, red and white because I had seen in Emi's blog her great idea for strawberry painted nails and it was so lovely that I wanted to try it out.
Emi's blog *beauty is an opinion* for more details check it out.

And it worked. I love my strawberry nails so thanks for these great idea.

After Lau's and my nail making session we had a few rounds of Tekken 5.
I love that game and since Mimi, Lau and I decided to cosplay some characters I wasn't sure if I would make Asuka Kazama or my favorite character Ling Xiaoyu.
I love that cute chinese girl and I love it to fight with her so I guess I'll choose her.

On Sunday I met up with my friend Aya. She wanted to visit my flat for first time. We drunk caramel cappuccino, I helped her with her German homework and we watched some Golden Bomber PV's.

But I didn't take any pictures 'cause it isn't that interesting for you to see my mess ^^°

Now I have to go to work -.-°
I hope the next week will be running very quickly 'cause I'm looking forward to a free weekend.
Take care!

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  1. Heyy :) ich mag deine outfits und deine nägel :3 sowas muss ich auch mal wieder machen...und haha tekken ist so gut ;D ich nehm immer christy oder wie man die schreibt.
    LG Keki ;)