Montag, 23. April 2012

Up is down

Another free weekend already  is over and time is running soo fast. I've got the feeling that I cannot cope with anything *sigh* mood is dashed on the ground but anyways, I had a free weekend and I spent it with my friends.

At Friday I met up with Aya. We ordered a huuuuge pizza with spinach and scampi, cracked a bottle of champagner and watched the Golden Bomber Movie 'Sori Nokoshita Natsu'.
The movie is in Japanese without subs but it wasn't a problem 'cause I know the content and Aya IS a native Japanese XD

The movie contains a lot of fanservice. I don't like boys love that much [in 'real' I don't care, who is loving whom, love is love ^^ ] but the guys are too cute and the movie is really likeable 'cause Golden Bomber made it by themselves without big equipment or great effort.

The story is really cute. Kiryuuin Shou, a high school student, tries to cheer up his friend Utahiroba Jun who was cheated by his boyfriend Darvish Kenji.
So they're going to the beach and there they look for new hot guys XD
Kiryuuin-kun nearly dies in the water but sexy life guard Kyan Yutaka rescues him and steals him his first kiss by mouth-to-mouth insufflation.
So a love story begins and Kenji and Jun find together again 'cause Junjun is pregnant...WTF? XD
I watched that movie for third time and I love it! It's sooo funny and it seems to be a parody to other love stories so I lough so hard everytime I watch again.

On Saturday I went first shopping with my dad and after that shopping with Lau 'cause we had to redeem our H&M vouchers.

At claire's I bought new falsies. My old ones are in a really bad condition after using them very often. They are really expensive but I love the lashes.
 But I wonder why you don't get lower lashes here in Germany, that sucks!

At H&M children's department I got this cute lacered white socks. I bought similar ones in Japan last August. I've got small feet so I don't have the problem that they wont fit (^O^)

Also at H&M I found this simple one piece with small flowers on it. I wasn't sure if I'll like it that much but I've got a few ideas how to combine it and so I will try it out next time.

And I bought the latest issues of my favorite magazines KERA and egg at Neo Tokyo. I was really happy to get both so I hope that I'll get new inspirations for coming summer.

Oh and I've been tagged this day by Shou even my blog isn't that interesting and I'm really a newbie here but it was kinda cute, so thank you, now I've got stuff for a new entry.

Take care!

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