Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

[insert an intelligent title here XD]

At first I wanna say thanks to 16 followers. I was really surprised 'cause I think my more or less unspectacular life isn't interesting for anybody but I have a lot of fun here and so I will continue.

Yesterday at 1st May we had free and the weather was sooo beautiful that I decided to inhale a little bit of the nature near my area with my good friend Dirk.
We walked around the small lake and made a stop at a small outdoor bar.

I can't believe it right now but I drunk a beer o___O and so I had to take that picture like Kiryuuin Shou always posted at twitter when he had one XD

Today it felt like Monday at work -.- but my work mate gave me such a cute present that I loughed sooo hard:

It's a book called: " Dreamman for handicraft by yourself " and he felt very sorry that it wasn't a sample with Japanese men *lol*.
So guess what? There was NO Yutaka and NO Shou inside.

Today also one of my orders arrived:

Last week I ordered a scarf. It's not really my cup of tea but I wanted to have that thing 'cause Kenji, the drummer of Golden Bomber always wears a scarf like that (^O^)

Also I ordered clip extensions yesterday and I'm really excited. I wanted to have them for Japan Day 2o12 in Düsseldorf 'cause my friend and I would like to wear a Yukata and I want to have looong hair for that.

And that is my ordered Yukata from Actually that thing is at custom service and I'm kinda pissed about that.
I don't have time to go there 'cause I'm working the whole day.
Anyways, that was just a short entry.

Take care!

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