Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Shopping and Live Karaoke

I hadn't post for such a long time >.< so I guess I should make a new entry and here it is!

On Saturday my friend Lau and I went shopping again 'cause my mother gave me last weekend a few vouchers from some stores as related birthday present and we went to our good old Ring Center.

Even it's May that day was very cold and windy so my hair is a pure mess [like always ^^] but I liked my outfit 'cause I wore my American style jeans shorts from Tally Weijl for first time.

And also new: I'm blonde. I dyed my hairlines last weekend and I'm very happy about that result even my remains from my black strands are still visible.

Lau and me at the fitting room in New Yorker store. We found some nice shirts so we bought both. I also found reduced tights there and flip-flops in red and blue.
I had to take both pair with me 'cause I like to wear one red and one blue with my Tamiya-Shirt like Golden Bomber vocalist Kiryuuin Shou.

I also found some other stuff like basic shirts, a long skirt at H&M children's department and a cute Mikey Mouse shirt.

my shopping results XD

After that really nice shopping afternoon we had to hurry up 'cause in the evening we wanted to go to Live Karaoke with our friends.
I wanted to try out my new extensions for first time.

I was surprised as they arrived last week. They're exactly my true hair colour. So Lau helped me to clip them in. I wanted to curl my hair for that evening but the time was running so quickly that I forgot the idea.

But it was so amazing and in my opinion it looked nice without curls. I felt very happy and I can say that I LOVE my extensions.

We picked up my friend Aya in the evening and went to 'Pfefferberg' at Prenzlauer Berg for Live Karaoke.
There we met another friend, Fluff, with some of her friends.

me with cute Aya

The Live Karaoke is not an average Karaoke 'cause you have a real band on stage and they're playing live your song you had chosen and you have to sing.

It was such a nice experience 'cause it was my first time that I sung a song there together with Lau. We performed the song 'Zombie' of the Cranberries live on stage.

It was an incredible feeling to sing while a real band was playing and I felt like a little rock star *lol*.

Fluff and Keks
Thanks to my friends for that wonderful evening. I had a lot of fun and I hope we will do it again.

Lau and Aya on the way back

We were back really late so today was a lazy day but I found out some interesting news:
My favourite band Golden Bomber will have an international release at 19th June and for Germany the album is called 'The Golden best for Germany' but the BIGGEST surprise will be the song 'Memeshikute' in German version so I'm really really excited.

Bye bye and take care!

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