Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Still alive and back for good (^o^)

No, I don't forget my pass and I wasn't hijacked by aliens, I guess it was just a kind of hibernation that I did or something else.
And that's what I'm looking at the moment so I spare pictures of me but in the next months I purpose a lot with myself and I'll try to document every little step.
Furthermore one of my friends Laura got the idea to post a few pictures from our last trip to Japan. I think that's a good idea so I decided to do it, too....maybe...
So I'll have enough stuff to post once a week.
But now it's enough to talk about empty promises.

I just wanted to show my last achievements:

That's my beloved foxtail, I bought that fluffy thing at eBay and I'm really excited to wear it.
I want to have still one in black.

And this is my SEX POT ReVeNGe feat. Kyan Yutaka shirt. I really thought that
it was cast away in the middle of nowhere 'cause I ordered in November last year
and I got in February o__O
This shirt isn't really my favourite style but I had to buy it 'cause it was a collaborative between that brand and Yutaka so I wear it with pride.

And last but not least I bought last weekend my fav magazine egg and a Popteen to get one's inspiration from new spring fashion.
I hope it will work so ike ike go go (^O^) ...

bye bye