Sonntag, 30. September 2012

17th day ~ short trip to Harajuku

Monday, 27, August

While Michi went to a guided tour to the Shinjuku government district, Lau and I went again to Harajuku for shopping.

My outfit that day: Garula. I like that onepiece really much even like my brand off shoes. My extensions that day don't wanted like I want and I hadn't felt very well that day.

First we went to Takeshita doori to buy a present for our friend at the shop who sells some star stuff.
She also likes Golden Bomber, especially Jun so we bought some merchandise.

We also went to Kinji used clothing, Laforet and strolled through every small shop. It was nice but I only bought another onepiece at Liz Lisa while Lau was buying nearly the whole Kenji used clothing shop XD

In the early afternoon I felt so bad that I decided to go back to our hotel. Lau was meeting Michi in Shibuya because they wanted to visit Tower Records.
Michi was happy 'cause she finally got her book of Kenji, Lau bought a CD of An Cafe and Golden Bomber and my friends also bought me the Golden Bomber CD 'The Golden Best for Germany'.
Thank you, honeys!

Sonntag, 23. September 2012

16th day ~ Oktoberfest and Shimokitazawa

Sunday, 26.08.

The Sunday started very late and lazy with breakfast. After we decided to go for a walk at Shiba Park 'cause we heard about a Oktoberfest there and we wanted to take a look, how Japanese celebrate it XD

Shiba Park was just a few minutes away from our hotel. Also there's the great Tokyo Tower we visited already last year, but the view is awesome and I had to take a picture ^O^

It was funny when we arrived 'cause everything was decorated with German and Bavarian flags and there were a lot of stalls with German beer, sausage and other German tasty things.

The beer tent was a lot of smaller than the tents in Munich. But we hadn't join, it was too hot and too early to drink beer so we left after looking.

In the early evening we met Aya-chan in Shibuya at Hachiko-statue. It was so crowd that I thought we wouldn't find her. But after a few minutes she appeared.
We left Shibuya and went to Shimokitazawa because we wanted to visit a Korean restaurant for dinner there.

I was irritated 'cause you had to roast the meat on the table. The fat was splashing and it was sooo hot because of the hotplate. So I ate another meal but...I don't know what it was, it was very spicey.

Aren't we sexy with that paper aprons? XD Later on Haruya joined us, one of the guys we met at the party in the Izakaya one week before.

In front of the restaurant from left to right: Haruya, myself, Aya-chan and Lau. By the way, I don't like Korean food but the restaurant was nice even there was a biiiig cockroach *lol*....The girls were screaming.

Haruya was calling Kase-chan, another guy we met before in the Izakaya, 'cause he felt a little bit uncomfy alone with four girls XD
After Kase-chan arrived we went to a game center for taking purikura together.

We were happy 'cause the purikura room was empty and really cool.

There was a big make up corner with hair dryer and curling irons for free and huuuge mirrors, so very comfortable for us girls.
And please say hello to my personal hair dresser Haruya XD
He was really cute and funny that evening.

I really love my girls and it was sooo much fun with them. But first we started with purikura together with the boys. It was really difficult to get all six persons on the pics.

Lau and Aya-chan got the job to decorate them... I hate decorating, Michi wasn't also interested in and the't decorate.

But we all had a look if they did it well. By the way, I wore my new Liz Lisa onepiece and the cardigan that day. I really love the dress even it's kinda short.
Lau said, it's the brand 'Baby, take me tonight' *lol* but I disagree... I looked very serious, ne? XD
After they finished Haruya took me to another purikura machine [I wanted to have some with him so bad].
I recognized when we were in that it was such a girlfriend x boyfriend machine >///<

The puris are looking very spartan 'cause he had to decorate them...I was only looking for it and gave him some instructions XD

We all had a lot of fun there.

Later on us girls decided to make another purikura... I hadn't done sooo many purikuras in my whole life like that day x___X

So for me it's enough purikura for the next ten years I guess. But the results are nice and it's a lovely memory of a wonderful day.

The boys had to wait for us ^^

After resting and chatting a little bit we wanted to go for an hour to a karaoke bar so we left the center.

We sung old songs from Stevie Wonder [without Ray Charles XD], Spice Girls and other songs from 3847 years ago but it was really funny and I had a great time.
We left around midnight with the last train of the Yamanote line.

15th day ~ Ongakuto Higetachi 2o12

Saturday, 25.08.

The long awaited day... That day a big dream came true because my friend Aya-chan organized the festival tickets and the Shinkansen tickets to Nagaoka where the Ongakuto Higetachi rainbow festival was held and so I had the possibility to see my favourite band Golden Bomber live on stage!
Unfortunately they don't gave a single concert during our stay so we only had this chance.

The day started with a breakfast before we took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagaoka. But the trip was stressful for me...I guess I was the only person who was in a good mood.
Lau was pissed [only God knew why] and Aya-chan was concentrating to get us there just in time XD

Because we missed the bus Aya-chan called a taxi to the festival area. The taxi driver was a strange guy. First he don't wanted to bring us there and in the end we payed less than usual o__O

When we arrived Aya and I had time for a last cigarette. At the smoking area I met 2 guys and I had very interesting conversation there:
Guy: "Atsui, ne?"
me: "Hai, atsui desu."
So funny *lol* but I was happy that not all Japanese guys are shy XD

The area at the stage was crowd so we tried to get a good place there. Golden Bomber had to appear around 4 p.m.

We saw the act who was on stage before Golden Bomber. He was nice, too and very very sympathic so that I called him the Japanese Herbert Groenemeyer XD

But dream came true: GOLDEN BOMBER CAME ON STAGE with Inline-skates and the first song was 'Yowasete Mojito'.
I can't believe that they were in front of me, only a few meters away. Kyan-san looked so sexy, I can't tell you how the other guys looked or what they did... I only saw Kyan-san
It wasn't allowed to take pictures but now I could bite my ass that I didn't took only one *sigh*.
Anyway, it was a great feeling. They played songs like 'Mata kimi ni bango wo kikenakatta', 'Daikishimete Schwarz', of course 'Memeshikute' and some others.

 Kyan-san at the festival area one day before playing baseball. That picture is from his twitter ^O^

Cute Kiryuuin-kun wearing that shirt on that day.... He was also looking very handsome. That picture is from Kiryuuins twitter.

Kyan-san in the end was kind of naked on stage...he only wore his boxershorts...he was more naked than Kenji XD
But he showed his best side: cabbage hacking on his guitar, eating the cabbage with a loooot of mayonaise,  having a shower on the stage, washing hair colour o__O and so on. I can't believe it! *lough*
But I love him!
After the live was over I was sooo done. My clothes were completely wet, even my hair and I guess I was looking like shit *lol* but it was sooo hot [not just the boys XD] and I really HATE it to be in the middle of a crowd of people x__X
But I was happy and it just was great to see them.

Instead of the live please watch this, it's sooo funny:

I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures of the guys live on stage, but next time! I promise!

After a short break and a cigarette we went to the merchandise tent of Golden Bomber to catch a few fan items as souvenirs of that wonderful day.

I bought a bag, a shirt from the last tour and a cute photo set of the four guys.

In the early evening we left the festival to catch our Shinkansen back to Tokyo. It really was one of the best days of my life.

The air condition in the Shinkansen was killing us 'cause it was too cold. In the end I wore my new Golden Bomber shirt and I was happy that I bought it.
Then we said goodbye to Aya-chan...but only until tomorrow 'cause we wanted to go to Shimokitazawa.