Sonntag, 23. September 2012

14th day ~ Pokémon Center

Friday, 24.08.

That day started late with a relaxed breakfast at Tully's as usual. We wanted to have a lazy day 'cause next day would be stressful for Lau and me when we'll go to that festival.
So we decided just to have a look at the Pokémon Center of Tokyo.

The Pokémon Center is nearby the Hamamatsucho station and around 10 minutes walk from our hotel.
And I was surprised: Even it was early afternoon it was sooo crowded!

The Japanese kids still love Pokémon. At the shop you get a lot of useful or unuseful merchandise like key chains, plush toys, stickers, cookie boxes, pens and school notebooks, hair accessories aaaand lot of other things.

In Japan at the moment the games Pokémon Black and White 2 are published with some new Pokémon... I can't count them anymore x____X
Also Pokémon Conquest, another interesting game, was presented with some stuff.

Even I'm not that big fan I couldn't resist and bought some things: Pokéball and Mewtu key chain, Pokémon stickers and an Axew plush key chain.

By the way, the whoooole journey we got a biiig earworm of a funny parody Pokémon song...only interesting for German speaking people, sorry:

In the evening Michi and Lau went to a Matsuri at Hamacho Park while I was meeting Aya-chan for dinner. We went to Tamachi but I hadn't any pictures, I'm sorry >.<

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