Sonntag, 2. September 2012

6th day ~ Moving to Nagoya

Thursday, 16.08.

After a last breakfast at my beloved 'Café du Monde' we checked out and went with our heavy luggage to the Kyoto station to take the Hikari Shinkansen to Nagoya.

In Nagoya we had 3 nights to stay 'cause Michi wanted to see the castle there and so we planned in that stop in Japans fourth biggest town.

Nagoya JR station
After arriving we were searching for our hotel and like always it tooks a lot of time XD
So it's really more comfortable when you know the way like in Kyoto or Tokyo. But after a small victory lap we found our big complex.

Meitetsu Grand Hotel

Our room was in the Meitetsu Grand Hotel near Nagoya station. On the first view I didn't felt very well there.
It's very big and not that nice athmosphere like in Kyoto.
Our room was very small but I thought I could survive it for the next 3 nights ^^

After check-in it was late afternoon so we decided to do nothing special that day. We went for a longer walk to explore our area there.

Mode Gakuen Spiral Tower

The best thing that day was to find a 100 ¥ shop with a drugstore and I bought some needful things there:

nail polish in blue and red [I wanted to do my nails in Tamiya look XD], shaver, a case for my used lashes and cheek blush for 100 ¥ and Dolly Wink lashes No. 1 'cause I needed new upper lashes.

Next day we wanted to visit Nagoya castle. So stay tuned!

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