Sonntag, 16. September 2012

10th day ~ Shibuya 1o9

Monday, 20.08.

That Monday was reserved for Shopping at Shibuya 1o9 [spoken: Ichimarukyu]. So Lau and me took our money and our good mood and went to Shibuya station.
Michi isn't that interested in fashion and shopping so she left in the early morning for a trip to Kamakura.

My unspectacular outfit that day: hat and shoes H&M, shorts, denim shirt and belt Tally Weijl.

There were sooo many great shops [over 1oo shops on 1o floors] like d.i.a., Garula, Cecil Mc Bee, Cocululu, Liz Lisa and soooo many more.

At d.i.a. I spent most of my money: I bought an complete outfit with a black skirt, a white top and yes! a great original belt with fur *O*

Originally I wanted to buy something at Ma*rs but the shop was closed because in the beginning of September they wanted to re-open the shop.
I wanted to die at this moment and I was sad. So we decided to go to another Ma*rs shop during our stay at Tokyo.
At SBY I bought some new lashes, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow.

At Garula I discovered that cute one piece. It was on sale so I couldn't resist for only 2,900 ¥ (^O^)/

So after a few hours we left for resting and for saving our last money XD But next year I'll come back to 1o9 for sure! I like all the gyaru stuff so much even I don't call myself a gal / gyaru.

Lau and I
After leaving Lau took me to a Game Center for taking purikura. I like puris really much afterwards but I don't like to make the pictures and I really HATE to decorate them úu

It was a really nice day and I was so happy about my gets. Lau also found a lot of cool and cute things.

In the early evening we left Shibuya and went back to hotel in Hamamatsucho, where we waited for Michis report of her day.

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  1. Juchuuuuu <3
    schön wieder was von dir zu lesen ^o^
    wenn man das ganze nochmal von einer anderen Sicht aus liest, kommen die Erinnerungen so schön wieder <3
    ich mag dein Outfit übrigends immer noch gerne auch wenn's "unspektakulär" sein sollte ^^°