Sonntag, 2. September 2012

8th day ~ Back to Kansai for shopping in Osaka

Saturday, 18.08.

Because we didn't had any plans for another day in Nagoya we decided to visit one of our favourite towns, Osaka.
I really love the people and the athmosphere there.

Simple coord: shorts Tally Weijl, hat H&M, top Gina Tricot, the rest off brand

We went with Hikari Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka and with Local Train to Osaka station to find the HEP 5, a really great shopping mall with a lot of nice stores inside.

I don't know how to went first XD In HEP 5 are stores of Liz Lisa, Igni, Cecil McBee and lot of others.
But first we went to Liz Lisa...and spent a loooot of money there XD

with the shop staff
The shop staff was so cute and kind and I was so happy that I found a lot of cute things there. So I was prepared for tomorrow's party with my friend Aya in Tokyo.

I catched at Liz Lisa a short cardigan, a cute brown bag, a blouse, a skirt and a one piece. But shopping wasn't over, I also found nice shoes.

But we hadn't spent the whole day at HEP 5 'cause Michi wanted to visit another area of Osaka so we left that great shopping center.

When we went outside we noticed that it rains a lot. Because of the rain some trains of JR Line were delayed or cancelled and we had to take the subway line to Namba.

Michi wasn't in a good mood 'cause the market she wanted to visit was already closed and so we strolled a little bit through the streets.

We saw and met a lot of nice people [that's why I love Osaka], found a Tekken museum [but didn't went in] and the guys were very good looking *O*

the Klose-Fan XD
Michi and Lau stopped at a small restaurant for a snack. The waiter was very funny, as he recognized, that we are German, he was shouting: "Yeah, Klose!"
Soccer makes friends XDDD

It was a great day but I was really looking forward to the party in Tokyo tomorrow!

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