Samstag, 22. September 2012

12th day ~ Harajuku

Wednesday, 22.08.

Harajuku is one of my favourite areas of Tokyo and we wanted to spend the day there. So colorful, so loud, so funny...That day we wanted to meet Aya again at the Jingu Bashi in the afternoon.

My outfit that day: shirts H&M, jeans shorts Tally Weijl, overknees from, shoes off brand and bag and hair bow I got for that day from Laura.

First we went down the Takeshita doori and found a merchandise shop for J-star-stuff. And guess what? They had Golden Bomber stuff. But before we checked we recognized a gachapon machine with Golden Bomber keychains.

Laura got Kirisho at first try, also Michi with Kenji...and me? I had no luck! Like always *sigh*...I got Kenji and Jun -.-°
But the shop sold a lot of things like posters, watches, mirrors, cards and so on. So I finally bought some Yutaka-merchandise. He's looking so damn sexy on the pics!

After leaving the shop we continued our walk and strolled through different shops.

I hadn't buyed anything but a tie at Bodyline.

At Liz Lisa was a super sale and the shop staff was shouting loud. Laura wanted to join and with help of Aya-chan she got a lot of cute things for small money.
I wanted to have clothes, too but it was too stressful and I gave up. Now I'm kinda pissed about that 'cause at the moment I like Liz Liza stuff very much.

After so much shopping we went hungry into a small restaurant. I had Yakisoba again and the owner was very nice and surprised about his German guest that we got tea and tomatoes for free ^O^

Later on we went to Jonathan's for an 'All you can drink' to chat a little bit. Aya gave us our festival tickets for Golden Bomber. I was so happy.

Harajuku is so beautiful at night. I felt very peaceful and happy for that moment to be in Japan and to have my friends around me.

I really like Harajuku!

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