Sonntag, 2. September 2012

9th day ~ Party in Tokyo

Sunday, 19.08.

That day I was in a really good mood 'cause finally we wanted to move from Nagoya to Tokyo.

So we had our last breakfast at the Moriva Coffee before we took our luggage to the Nagoya station to leave once more with the Hikari Shinkansen.

Shiba Park Hotel

It felt like coming home when we arrived. We took from Tokyo station the Yamanote Line to Hamamatsucho and walked with the view of the Tokyo Tower to our beloved Shiba Park Hotel.
The staff is very friendly and kind and I feel sooo comfy there, more than at home XD

Our room was big against that small hole in Nagoya. So we brought our suitcases to the room and Michi left for a trip to Toyko International Centre where an antique market was held this day while Lau and I prepared us for the party and seeing Aya-chan.

My outfit: new Liz Lisa stuff and new shoes, off brand. I tried to curl my extensions a little bit but it doesn't work very well >.<

At 5:30 p.m. Aya-chan picked us up at the reception of our hotel and I was sooo glad to see her since May that I started to cry.

First we went for something to eat to an udon restaurant nearby our hotel because Aya was a little bit hungry. After that we left Hamamatsucho and went to an Izakaya in Shinjuku area.

We arrived very early so we were the first guests. Aya invited also 4 male friends of her and we were excited what guys that are XD

From left to right: cutie Haruya, Michi, Lau, myself, Aya-chan, Hiroshi, Uti and Kase-chan. The guys only spoke Japanese but with hands and feets and our hearts we were able to understand them XD
They tried to speak German and we tought them German words like pissen, Liebenbräu and Schulz ^^°

We ate a lot, I guess it was a kind of 'all you can eat and drink' what Aya-chan and the guys ordered. And finally I drunk beer... a lot of beer but doesn't work in Japan to get drunken with that stuff.

Posing with the raw fish a waiter brought to us.

funny Kase-chan
After two hours [and 3 beer] we had to leave the Izakaya. So we and the guys went a few streets away to a Karaoke Bar, where a friend of the guys works, Kouji.
Because of Kouji we got snacks for free ^O^
And everytime a waiter was coming we shouted loud "KOUJIIII!" *lol*

So first song was, of course, Golden Bomber with Memeshikute... we sung it already in the Izakaya a few times *lol*...
After that we sung old Anime songs from Dragon Ball Z, Attack No. 1 or Captain Tsubasa.

cute Haruya in action
funny Kase-chan and I
Hiroshi looks cute in background
So we had a lot of fun that day and the guys were really nice and funny. Hopefully we can repeat such a great evening at my next trip to Tokyo.
And after my 5 1/2 beer I felt a tingling in my fingertips. I think it was effecting me XD

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