Samstag, 22. September 2012

11th day ~ Nakano and meeting Kaoru-chan

Tuesday 21.08.

Michi got the idea to visit Nakano from his mail friend and so we decided on that day to go there. It's the Akihabara of the west side because at Nakano Broadway you can find a lot of Anime stuff like cosplay things, Manga, figures and older Anime.

My outfit that day: jumpsuit from H&M, bag Liz Lisa, tights from claire's and shoes off brand.

Also there are a lot of other shops and it's not that crowd and not that expensive like in other areas of Tokyo.
The roofed shopping street is nearby the station so it was very comfortable to get there.

Also there was a Mandarake shop, second hand shops and some kind of fan shops who sold merchandise of stars but...unfortunately we hadn't find anything of Golden Bomber.

So after a few hours we left because we wanted to meet my mail friend Kaoru-chan for dinner. I never met her before so I was very excited.

Michi and I with spastic faces XD
We met at Hamamatsucho station and went together to east side of Shinjuku to an Izakaya called 'Doma Doma'.

Kaoru is a very cute and kind person. She loves Germany so much, most the German guys. I was surprised. So I suggested that she could go back to Germany instead of me and search for a German guy and I wanted to stay in Japan to look for a Japanese guy HA HA...
Kaoru speaks English very well so it was easy and nice to talk with her.

I love that push-thing so when we wanted to order something and take a look at the handsome waitor we just had to push ^O^

The food was really delicious. I had one of my favourites, Yakisoba. But the beer in Japan is strange. I hadn't felt anything...maybe they only sell beer without alcohol o__O

After dinner we went for chatting to another Izakaya for drinking some more 'cause at the 'Doma Doma' we had to leave after two hours.
Kaoru and I looked for some cute guys ^^ The evening was very nice.

Shinjuku at night
I was looking forward to the next day, meeting Aya-chan for shopping in Harajuku.

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