Sonntag, 30. September 2012

17th day ~ short trip to Harajuku

Monday, 27, August

While Michi went to a guided tour to the Shinjuku government district, Lau and I went again to Harajuku for shopping.

My outfit that day: Garula. I like that onepiece really much even like my brand off shoes. My extensions that day don't wanted like I want and I hadn't felt very well that day.

First we went to Takeshita doori to buy a present for our friend at the shop who sells some star stuff.
She also likes Golden Bomber, especially Jun so we bought some merchandise.

We also went to Kinji used clothing, Laforet and strolled through every small shop. It was nice but I only bought another onepiece at Liz Lisa while Lau was buying nearly the whole Kenji used clothing shop XD

In the early afternoon I felt so bad that I decided to go back to our hotel. Lau was meeting Michi in Shibuya because they wanted to visit Tower Records.
Michi was happy 'cause she finally got her book of Kenji, Lau bought a CD of An Cafe and Golden Bomber and my friends also bought me the Golden Bomber CD 'The Golden Best for Germany'.
Thank you, honeys!

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  1. haha~ nearly the whole "Kinji-used clothing" *lol*

    übrigends werden mir deine follower ganz normal angezeigt! liegt vllt. wirklich an deiner firefox version!