Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

18th day ~ Ueno

Tuesday, 28.08.

On that day we decided to visit Ueno 'cause we didn't went to that area the year before. We took the way south from the station via Okachimachi and strolled through the small charming streets.

There were a lot of shops where you can buy everything...also some strange things and I discovered a shop with creepy figures.

Say hello to Chucky, the star of the horror movie 'Child's Play'... I was afraid of this movie when I was a child and now I saw that thing in the middle of Tokyo XD

But first of all we were searching for ABAB, a shopping center 'cause we heard about a Ma*rs shop there and I wanted to have a look 'cause I had some money left.

At Ma*rs I bought this cute set *O* That picture above I took from the website 'cause I hadn't worn it until last weekend XD but I really love it, it looks so cute.

I also bought that black shorts for wearing under skirts. It was very cheap so I can't resist.
After leaving the shopping center Lau was searching for another Donki. At the Kasuga dori we finally found the shop.

Lau was buying some stuff. I was very interested in the big salt water tank at the entrance so I watched the fishes for a while.
Later on Michi wanted to go to Asakusa. She heard about a street where you can buy things for the kitchen and Michi is totally in love with cooking so we were searching for the Kappabachi dori there.

 Michi bought a lot of stuff there but she hadn't found her wished big bento box. Poor Michi!

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