Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2012

Nails, Primark and Golden Bomber ~ recent things

At the moment I'm such a lazy girl. I don't take pictures when I do something interesting and also I'm not posting it onto my blog *sigh*. So only a few news here.

Since my last trip to Japan I have gel nails so I have to do them once a month. It's not that special super-duper gyaru style but it's more neat than my natural nails 'cause under stress I'm gnawing my nails.
Btw, at background you see my Japanese book. Once a week I have an adult evening class for learning Japanese. The class started in September and it's a welcome change during the week.

Last Saturday I visited Primark for first time together with Lau. We were very curious about it 'cause we read a lot in different blogs. And I was surprised, the clothes aren't that bad and really really cheap.

But it was crowd and I HATE crowd stores! So I spent a lot of time outside at an café trying to coordinate the rest of my weekend. I wanted to meet my ex-boyfriend and also a date =)

My gets: two overknees and tights, also black legwarmers but I forgot to drap it on the picture. I would like to go to Primark again but NOT at weekend. Maybe when I have a free day...

And now the really best news: 


In July there was a video contest where you could win a free flight to Japan, free hotel and concert tickets for Golden Bomber. My friends and I participated with the German version of 'Memeshikute' and last week I got a message of my friend 'cause I forgot the contest already with the words: 'We won that damn video contest!'

I'm really happy. I never thought that we will be the winners because there were sooo many really well cutted and funny vids and mine was really poor quality 'cause I worked with my oooold notebook and oooold Windumb Movie Maker but FUCK YEAH! we did it!


So hell, I will go to Japan with one of my friends to see Golden Bomber live on stage for a concert, not only for a few songs like in August.
And I promise, I will make a better report than the last time ^O^


  1. süßer blog *_* ich folge dir jetzt ♥

  2. Hy :]
    Hab dich btw getaggt mit einem Blogger Award.
    Wenn du magst, schau da mal rein ^__^

    liebe Grüße!